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Richmond TX Assisted Living

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Richmond TX Assisted Living

If you’re looking for a Richmond TX Assisted Living community, you should check out the services offered at The Village at Sugar Land. We have exceptional facilities with a variation in levels of care.

Our senior living community features amenities that are great for keeping residents busy and comfortable. Additionally, our assisted living and memory care service allow our residents to live independently.

You should be aware of alternative options for nursing homes and home care services. The Village at Sugar Land, provides comfortable and soothing services to make seniors enjoy their stay here. From all the Richmond TX Assisted Living options out there, none come close to the services we offer.

Our dedicated staff and a team of professional nurses are here to assist residents when they need it. The memory care unit also features 24/7 support from the nursing team and the rest of our staff, so your loved ones are in great hands. Even more, we also offer services to non-residences when home care may not be the most viable option.

Richmond TX assisted living facility

Let The Village at Sugar Land provide your loved ones with the best care available.

Find the right type of care services here at The Village at Sugar Land, LLC. Your loved one will be part of the community that thrives and flourishes in an environment full of life and freedom.

Residents who stay with us are encouraged to feel more independent while in our care. We understand that seniors wish to find a community that offers numerous amenities and gives people a great sense of independence.

The Options for Our Richmond TX Assisted Living Services


The Village of Sugar Land, LLC, has several options when it comes to apartments and our levels of care. Future residents and their loved ones will come to find that our options are extremely beneficial. Senior housing is usually limited in options, but we design our facilities to help residents with premium senior care.

Located in Sugar Land, our senior assisted living community is one of the better options in and around the area. Seniors may not want to live in an assisted living community, but after seeing our facility, they’ll have second thoughts for sure.

We have six different types of apartments for potential residents to pick from. Each one of these apartments is designed for comfort and a welcoming environment.

As a matter of fact, our apartment units open up to a beautiful courtyard. Moreover, the units all come with their own heating and cooling systems. The following floor plans provide comfy and residential environments, so your loved ones are as comfortable as possible, all the time.

Here are some of the floor plans we offer:

  • One-bedroom
  • One-bedroom deluxe
  • Two-bedroom
  • Studio
  • Studio deluxe

Please note that you can view our floor plans on our website. Once you have chosen the floor plan, the next step will be to choose the right level of care. The level of care received will depend on the state and health of the resident. Every level of care assists with the resident’s medication.

Our Levels of Care


The first level of our assisted living care is primarily independent and some assistance with the resident’s daily activities. The second level of care provides more in terms of support in daily activities at a moderate level.

Lastly, the third level of care provides support for most of the resident’s daily activities. All levels of care are great for making residents as comfortable as possible throughout their time at The Village of Sugar Land, LLC.

Assisted Living in richmond tx

At The Village, you will make lifelong friends and memories.

Advanced Options


Assisted living is the primary type of care we offer. However, we do also provide more advanced options. The first of the advanced options is our assisted living plus.

This option is great as a solution to many situations. Our second option is our memory care unit. This memory care unit is excellent as it assists the elderly that suffer from memory problems. Dementia or Alzheimer’s are only some of the many examples.

Assisted Living Plus


Our assisted living plus options are great options for:

  • Post-surgical care – Our assisted living options are great for seniors recovering from surgery and who will find better treatment in our facilities than in their homes. The Village at Sugar Land is proud to provide therapy and nursing care to those who wish to use our services. This service is also available to our residents.
  • Respite care – For primary caregivers who take care of their loved ones at home may need some time to rest now and then. Enter our respite care services. Caring for a loved one in your home can make handling your own life very difficult. The Village at Sugar Land can take your loved ones and care for them for a short time. By acquiring this service, primary caregivers will have the time to handle things in their lives.
  • Aging in place – Residents who need more care than our regular plans provide can turn to our assisted living plus options rather than moving to a nursing home. This way, they can continue to enjoy the amenities offered at The Village at Sugar Land. Additionally, residents will also benefit from the wellness and fitness activities tailored to their specific needs.

Memory Care


Richmond TX Assisted Living

Our memory care team will care for your loved one and always be there for them.

For those who are suffering from a form of dementia of Alzheimer’s, we offer services for them as well. We have a wide array of activities for memory care residents, so they can stay busy and not as agitated. Furthermore, our memory care unit also has 24/7 nurse support to always supervise loved ones.

The Village at Sugar Land’s memory care unit is divided into three sections. We design each one of these sections to house different levels of care needs.

Although more limited, our memory unit floor options still provide homey rooms. The memory care unit consists of 24 studio apartments and six semi-private apartments.

Richmond TX Assisted Living


Finding the right type of living community can be difficult and time-consuming. If you know what’s best for your loved one, you’ll definitely consider The Village at Sugar Land. You can get in touch with us by calling (281) 729-8800. You may also visit our website for more information regarding our Richmond TX Assisted Living facilities and services.