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At The Village at Sugar Land, we strive to provide the best service for our residents so you’re opinions and testimonials are highly appreciated.

Please take a moment today and let us know if you are highly satisifed with our service or how we can better serve you.

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Bruce Voyer is loving his stay at The Village at Sugar Land. He appreciates the staff, the food and all in between!! Watch the video to hear his experience at The Village.

– Bruce Voyer

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Mary Hancock is having a great time at The Village at Sugar Land. She loves the food, and finds The Village a very clean and safe place to live in . Watch her video to hear her experience at The Village!!

Mary Hancock

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Curtie Giles is enjoying at The Village at Sugar Land. She is a sweet lady and loves to be around people. View her video, as she share her thoughts about this beautifully built new community.

Curtie Giles

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Frances Birge is from Virgina. She recently moved to The Village at Sugar Land and is having a great time, making friends and feeling happy with The Village staff and other residents.

Frances Birge