Senior Living Security Services - The Village at Sugar Land


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Wearable Technology

for Integrated Care & Enhanced Security

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Technology for

Daily Living

At The Village at Sugar Land, technology makes life easier
and helps keep people safe. Your medical care is coordinated through your personal electronic medical record. A keyless entry system for our Assisted Living apartments means you don’t have to bother with a key—you’ll have a comfortable wristband wearable to unlock your door. For our Memory Care residents, this same wearable technology is an additional means of ensuring they stay in the secure area of The Village at Sugar Land.

The Benefits of the Wristband Include:

  • Staying safe within the premises
  • A keyless entry system
  • CarePredict health alerts

Technology & Knowledge
to Protect Health

Throughout The Village at Sugar Land, you’ll find advanced technology that helps our staff enhance your health and safety. From an electronic medical record to CarePredict, a cutting edge wearable that alerts staff when you might have a health problem, the technology here helps keep you safe.

CarePredict is a highly advanced system that combines a wristband wearable with computer software to collect your vital signs and other health indicators. This wearable is also the way you summon help. Just push a button on the face of the device to immediately talk to staff if you need help. The sensors in the device can also alert staff to a possible fall as soon as it happens. CarePredict also uses artificial intelligence to help identify early signs of health changes so staff can step in early to help keep you healthy.

By monitoring temperature and other vital signs, CarePredict can also help identify people who may be showing early signs of a health problem like COVID-19. CarePredict connects to sensors through the building, creating a map of where you have been and who you have come into contact with. Since all staff wear the same device, this helps to easily and quickly perform contact tracing so that we can test for possible exposure and isolate residents or staff if needed.