Compassionate Senior Living Care - The Village at Sugar Land


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Our Care Also Includes

In-house Appointments & Fitness Rehab

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Supporting Health

Increasing Fitness

Nobody likes to sit in a waiting room or exam room and
wait for a doctor. We make your medical care easier by
offering in-house appointments.

We also offer Fitness and Rehabilitation services so you can maintain your strength and balance or increase your mobility with our gym and wellness center. You can work with our wellness director to increase your overall fitness.

In-House Medical Appointments

Primary care





In-House Fitness & Rehabilitation

A walking club


Tai Chi

Balance Training

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A woman helping an older person walk with a cane.

Great Care and

Medical Management

Our staff of registered and licensed nurses helps you manage a variety of medical conditions. You can also draw on the expertise of home health agencies and hospice providers who can offer additional services. This combination of care means that when your needs change, you can still find the care you need at The Village at Sugar Land.

A woman helping an elderly man in a wheelchair.

Extra Comfort

Home Health
and Hospice

You’ll find more options for extra care at The Village at Sugar Land. If you need home health assistance, our staff can coordinate with home health agencies so that you have the additional help you need. You can also take advantage of on-site hospice services and the extra care and attention from hospice aides, nurses, and social workers.