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Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions About Village At Sugarland

Assisted Living

Below are the floor plan details :
Assisted Living

  • Two-bedroom/ 1 bathroom
  • Two-bedroom/2 bathroom
  • One-bedroom/1 bathroom/with porch
  • One-bedroom/1 bathroom
  • Deluxe studio/1 bathroom/with porch
  • Deluxe studio/1 bathroom
  • Studio/1 bathroom/with porch
  • Studio/1 bathroom

Memory Care

  • Large Private suite
  • Private suite
  • Shared suite

For more details visit the website

Our assisted living apartments come equipped with a beautiful kitchenette that includes a sink, counter space, refrigerator, and microwave oven. The closets are roomy, and the bathrooms are handicap accessible and very spacious.

We offer two dining options:
1.The Yew Tree Restaurant, is our in-house restaurant that offers a 3-course style dining experience for lunch and dinner. Our breakfast menu is vast and easily modified to fit your appetite. For lunch and dinner, we offer a chef’s special meal daily and a menu of always available items that cater to the residents’ preferences. This menu is constantly evolving to fit the requests of our residents.


2.The Sugar Creek Bistro is always open and offers a variety of items for a lighter meal or an after-hours snack. You can find in our bistro deli sandwiches, cookies, pastries, fresh baked breads, an assortment of yogurts, fresh fruits and refreshing herb and fruit infused hydration for your choosing.
The Yew Tree Restaurant and Sugar Creek Bistro specialize in great tasting foods that are made to order and promote a healthy well balanced diet.

Nurses, CMAs and Resident Assistants are on duty and available 24/7

We have family friendly events, The Village walking club, Wine Down Wednesday with karaoke performed by the staff and residents, Happy Hour, jewelry making craft class, spa day, BINGO, book club, gardening, picnic with the ducks, arts, and crafts classes and so much more!! We also offer hobby related activities such as watching football games, Baseball games, card games, dominos, puzzles, group crosswords etc. We have something for everyone!!  If you’re a lifelong learner, check out our:

  • Computer classes
  • Special educational speakers’ series
  • Special informational events throughout the year

We also have weekly resident lead Bible study every Sunday afternoon.
You can also take an active part in your community through the Resident Council that meets with the Executive Director every month. The New Resident Ambassador Club helps new members become part of the community. For more details, visit the website

Assisted Living: Housing for seniors that provides 24 hr nursing care, coordination of home health or rehab services, medication assistance, weekly housekeeping, attention to changes in level of function from day to day, and well-prepared meals.

Memory care: Offers 24-hour nursing care, dementia trained staff, memory-enhancing activities and therapies, and a secure serene environment. In addition, our Montessori approach to caring for each member of our community here provides a sense of purpose and direction for all.

Memory Care

Yes, if they are

1) Married

2) Able to make sound decisions or consent,

3) Their responsible parties agree to the union/living relationship.

Frequent safety checks by staff (every 30 mins), automatic night lights in bathrooms, a locked closet in all bedrooms for chemicals (toiletries) and personal equipment like electric razors, red emergency outlets for power outages, windows that partially open, and doors with timed egress that will open when pressed upon in the case of an emergency.

There’s time each day for crafts, exercise, and outdoor activities in our beautiful, serene courtyard that is filled with lavender and lemongrass. We prep foods that our dining service chefs cook from our garden. We complete games and puzzles providing the stimulation and interaction needed with a Montessori approach that promotes purpose and independence. Our spiritual support extends to the families with a support group that meets monthly to learn and grow together. Learn more

The Rivers takes a different approach to Memory Care. Inspired by the Montessori Method, we focus on what residents can do, not what they can’t do. Our activities engage the senses to create positive emotions, helping people feel more comfortable and connect to long-term memories. Visit our website to get more details about Memory Care

There is no definite number of staff members assigned to an exact number of residents. We consider each resident’s individual needs and services during the ongoing assessment process and modify our staffing model to fit the acuity of our memory care population.

The basic difference between nursing homes and memory care is that memory care is exclusively for people with dementia while nursing homes are for people with almost any medical issue that makes living at home too difficult. Nursing homes offer a more clinical, hospital-like setting while memory care is more home-like.