6 Helpful Tips for Seniors who just Moved into an Assisted Living - Senior Living & Care Center Sugar Land Rosenberg, Richmond, Katy & Houston Texas
6 Helpful Tips for Seniors who just Moved into an Assisted Living

6 Helpful Tips for Seniors who just Moved into an Assisted Living

6 Helpful Tips for Seniors who just Moved into an Assisted Living

Moving to a new place and making new friends is never simple, regardless of your age or situation. Similarly, as you move to a new assisted living facility, you’re bound to undergo an emotional rollercoaster.

For the first few days, you will be feeling lost, alone, and empty. It is certainly a difficult period as you have just left home filled with your precious memories, loved ones and much more. Although, there is no easy way to move things quickly and settle down. Still, here are some tips you can follow to make your stay at an elderly home more enjoyable.


Give It Time

The adjustment takes time. A typical adjustment period is three to six months, according to the senior care experts. However, it varies from person to person.
The point is that you will need some or more time in any case. Making new friends quickly and being friendly to your neighbors can help you along the way. Be aware of the challenges, but understanding things will get easier.
Feel free to express your feelings and emotions to your loved ones whenever they come to see you.


Get Acquainted With People

The more you are willing to adjust to any place, the easier it will be to settle in there. There, you will be creating new bonds and friendships with your age fellows, and it is good for your health and overall well-being.
And, if you are an internally religious person, choose a faith-based assisted living home. There are many options available offering this type of living. You will feel more comfortable if like-minded people surround you, who also give religion a high priority.
Spirituality plays an important role in the lives of older people, and it helps them cope with mental and physical challenges. To meet your spiritual needs, it is better to consider a faith-based assisted living home.

Stay Connected

Stay in touch with your loved ones. Make use of phone calls, video chats so that you never feel abandoned or lonely in your new home. Also, invite your family to dinner or any event, social gathering taking place at your house.
Transitioning to an elder care home doesn’t mean that you should stop loving and caring for your loved ones.
We assume that your pet has made a move with you, and you have chosen an assisted living that accepts pets. Well, it’s beneficial to have a pet as it makes you more active and gives you a purpose to live.
Moreover, it makes your health better by reducing the risk of heart attacks. All your stress and worry will fade away, and you will feel less depressed with a pet playing around you.
There are few assisted living communities for people with pets, but it may cost some extra money. However, if you love your pet more than anything else, then this doesn’t stop you. Finally, make sure to familiarize yourself with the pet policy.

Get Ready For Setbacks

Even when you feel like you are going well, at some point, you will find your mood changing rapidly. It is possible that you feel like giving up and want to go back to your old home. Sometimes, you may be annoyed by the staff or people around you for no reason.
Rest assured, all these feelings are momentary, and you will soon be back to your normal position. The best thing you can do is to stay connected with others. Hang out with them, share your memories and listen there’s. Do everything to make your bond strong so that you don’t need to remember your older home again.

Trust the Caregiver

Trust the staff, as they try their best to make you feel at home. Also, they take care of your emotional and physical needs. So, never feel reluctant to ask for anything or to express your needs or feelings to them. It will help you create a strong bond with them. Consider it a part of your socializing process and adjusting.

Surround Yourself with Your Personal Belongings

Having your personal belongings near you can make you feel comfortable, as these are a part of your memory. It could be anything, from the Bible lying on your side table to the picture of your loved one hanging on the wall.
Adding a personal touch to your current place is a quick way to feel at home, and get settled. Let your family or caregivers know what you’d like to see in your room.
Leaving home doesn’t mean that you should leave all your belongings at home, you can take them along with you!

Bottom line
To sum it up, moving and settling into a senior living home isn’t always easy, but it can be made a lot easier with some preparation, practice, and a little support.
You are not alone. Thousands of people move into senior living every year. As it ensures not only an improved lifestyle but also your overall health care. At first start, it can be a bit intimidating. However, following these tips will surely help you settle and enjoy your stay in senior care!