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Signs of Needing an Assisted Living Residence

Signs of Needing an Assisted Living Residence

Signs of Needing an Assisted Living Residence

Assisted living offers a variety of benefits for residences. However, it may be difficult to determine whether assisted living is the right choice. Often times, assisted living is determined by the loved ones of the person in question. Loved ones may choose based on their feelings on the situation, but there are signs that assisted living is a good choice.

Worsening Medical Conditions

AARP reported more than 70 million people over the age of 50 to have at least one chronic medical condition. Often times, these conditions can lead to worsening symptoms and become detrimental to a person’s health. If your loved one has informed you of issues they have had on their own, then it is time for assisted living. These issues may be falling or being unable to get up.

Poor Hygiene and Health

Poor hygiene is a major sign of the need for assisted living. They may have a bad odor or messy hair. Often times, these loved ones will avoid bathing because they are unable to do it on their own or have no safe way of bathing. Your loved one may also be very thin because they are not eating as much. This is another sign of the need for assisted living.


The United States Census collected data revealing 11 million seniors live on their own. Seniors living on their own or anyone living on their own are capable of developing depression. The lack of socialization will lead them to become depressed, which subsequently leads to greater health risks. Other problems with loneliness include the development of bad habits such as poor eating habits and the abuse of drugs.

Financial Issues

If your loved one is isolated and has a serious health condition, then they may not have a job or a solid source of income. With that said, it is common for loved ones to fall into financial problems. Assisted living would remove many of the financial components of living in an apartment or house.

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