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Memory Care Facility In Katy, TX

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Memory Care Facility In Katy, TX

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A Place Designed

for Comfort

We at the Village at Sugar Land bring world-class amenities to our resident’s disposal to help them live a high quality of life. Our new approach to care aims to improve the quality of life of people with mental health conditions like dementia.

Our memory care facility in Katy, Texas, follows the Montessori approach of letting people do what they can and not what they cannot. From versatile dining options to state-of-the-art living suites, we have everything to make your stay more rejuvenated and comfortable.

Whether it’s preparing snacks, trivia night, game show, movie night, manicure, scenic drive or exercise, we allow your loved one to pick the activity of their choice. Our well-curated memory care calendar for every month helps the resident choose which activity to participate in for the day.

Our dedicated staff is always there to assist your loved ones during these activities. All our efforts are centered on developing positive emotions in our residents, keeping them happy and comfortable, and making them reconnect with their long-lost memories.

When Do You Need Our Memory Care Facility Services at Katy, TX

Seniors based in Katy, TX, who exhibit the following symptoms can benefit the most from our memory care facility services:

  • Inability to maintain cleaning and hygiene regimen
  • Inability to converse consistently for extended periods
  • Lack of awareness of daily life activities and current events

The need for a memory care facility becomes more crucial when they exhibit dehydration or weight loss symptoms. Similar to our assisted living facility, our memory care facility leverages the most cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to offer the best-in-class services and amenities.


We are the leading memory care facility in Katy, TX, as we only hire people who are really interested in helping patients. Our facility is in top-notch condition with a simple-to-use layout. We make sure that residents in our facility aren’t able to wander off unintentionally by using hi-tech alarms and sufficient locks.

Why Choose Our Memory Care Facility In Katy, TX

Our memory care facility offers almost the same services that you can find in our assisted living facilities. With Village at Sugar Land, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • An individual or shared room with private or semi-private accommodations, respectively
  • An bathroom within the suite
  • A smart wristband to enjoy a safe stay within the premises
  • In-house fitness and rehabilitation services, including balance exercises, yoga, and more
  • Versatile dining options with an on-demand menu and restaurant-style meals
  • Home health assistance from social workers, nurses, and hospice aides
  • In-house medical appointments for primary care, psychiatry, and more.

Apart from these fundamental services at our memory care facility, we also offer the following:


  • Family support group with educational programs on dementia
  • Monthly family events

  • Dedicated licensed nurses manage various health conditions.

Our services also extend to local medical appointments, in-house fitness, hospice services, and more.

Pick Our Memory Care Facility To Enjoy The Most Comfortable Stay

Are you looking for the best memory care facility for senior care services? If so, the Village at Sugar Land is the go-to destination in Katy, TX. We have years of experience helping older adults live comfortable and healthy lives while battling conditions like Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Our staff is highly trained and well-educated to take care of the physical, emotional, and mental needs of senior people with memory loss problems. Book an appointment with us, visit our facility in Katy, TX, and decide for yourself!