Sugar Land TX luxury assisted living

If you’re interested in Sugar Land TX Luxury Assisted Living, The Village has the best options you’ll find. Our highly esteemed team of professionals and quality services are sure to provide the best living experience you’ve had yet. There’s no doubt you’ll be living large with our luxurious floor plans and amenities.


Sugar Land TX luxury assisted living

Sugar Land TX luxury assisted living

If you have an active lifestyle and need little assistance, Assisted Living is the perfect care option for you. This is our most basic and least intense plan.

Our staff members will be there to assist you with smaller tasks throughout the day. They may remind you to take your medicine or suggest ways to keep your health in check. Know that you’ll never deal with overbearing nurses that try to provide more assistance than you need.

Other than access to our nurses, you can also enjoy our in-house physical therapy and entertainment. Our residents enjoy all kinds of activities with us. You can always join in on a board game, exercise classes, gardening, and even arts and crafts. We have nearly any activity you can think of here at The Village. If you want to participate, make sure you’re keeping up with our calendar. This has all the specific information and details you need to decide on what you might do with your day. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this as a group if you’re not in the mood for that. Feel free to visit our fitness center any time it’s open for some exercise.

If you’d rather take it slow, we have plenty for you to do as well. Our courtyards and lounge rooms are open during normal daytime hours. You can always spend time relaxing in the evening as you can soak up some sunshine.


Our Assisted Living Plus comes with more nursing assistance than regular Assisted Living. This is a more suitable option if you’re trying to recover from a surgery or intense illness.

We know that getting back to your daily routine may be slightly less manageable. This is where our help can be of great assistance. Our staff can be there for you throughout the day to make everything a little easier for you.


Sugar Land Texas luxury assisted living

Sugar Land Texas luxury assisted living

Our last living option is memory care – this is the most intense and best for those suffering from dementia and memory loss.

Your loved one would have 24-hour access to our nurses. Simply put, they’ll be there at every beck and call in these situations. If someone you love is struggling with this, they may not be able to care for themselves properly. We’re more than happy to help them bathe, eat, clean, etc. whenever they need it.

Overall, if your loved one is still able to execute some of these things, we can still be of assistance. They’ll have access to our CarePredict Technology. This is perfect for you – you won’t have to be there to know what or how they’re doing. In fact, this technology gives you direct information on this without you having to go through us. You’ll know when they cook, eat, sleep, etc. This can seem a bit weird at first, but it’s the best way to make sure they’re okay as they go about their daily routine.

Moreover, all of our living options are complemented with the best chef-prepared meals. We only use fresh foods to keep our residents as healthy as possible. If you or your loved one happens to have allergies, don’t stress. Just let our chefs know, and they’ll accommodate you. If it’s a more serious allergy and you’re still worried, we can always provide a meal plan specific to you.

No matter what, we’ll always give our residents the best care so they can have the highest quality of life. You’ll have access to almost anything you could ask for with the help of our nurses. When you choose Sugar Land TX luxury assisted living, choose The Village so you can get the best living experience possible.


Sugar Land TX luxury assisted living

Quality Sugar Land TX Luxury Assisted Living.

Why should you turn to us for Sugar Land TX luxury assisted living? We’ve got plenty of reasons. Not only do we have highly trained staff members, but we also have the supportive and caring retirement community your loved one needs.

Furthermore, we take our hiring process very seriously. It’s absolutely imperative to have a team of professionals that are both educated and passionate about what they do. Unfortunately, this isn’t a priority for everyone. We’ve heard all too many cases of senior abuse and neglect from care facilities. You should know that this will never be a concern with your team at The Village. Everyone on our team genuinely enjoys taking care of others, so you know that you or your loved one are only getting the best.

Another thing that makes us quite unique is our community. We’re proud to say that we truly make this space feel like home. Thanks to our social activities, your loved one is sure to interact with others and make new friends. One of the most important things we do for our residents is to make them feel like they belong.

How to Get Started

On top of everything else, we offer floor plans that are always in the most convenient locations. We took our sweet time designing these so they can be as accessible as possible. Your team at The Village will stop at nothing to cater to every one of our residents’ needs.

Finally, if you or your loved one is ready to experience the warmth elegance and opportunities of residing with us, it’s time to get in touch. Give us a call at (281) 729 8800 to learn more about Sugar Land TX luxury assisted living from The Village.

Fun Facts about Sugarland TX:

  • Sugar Land Town Square used the 3D projection technology 2010 Olympics.
  • There was a population of 84,511 in 2013.
  • Sugar Land was the first community in the entire country to be named a Community of Respect (2007).
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