Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

Are you searching Sugar Land TX assisted living memory care near me? The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, offers a wide variety of amenities and services for seniors. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained staff. Our services provide numerous levels of care and living options. The Greater Houston, Texas area, is full of assisted living facilities.

Find the right senior living community at The Village at Sugar Land, LLC. We have nurses and staff 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Senior care is our top priority. We also have a memory care unit for those suffering from a memory condition.

Residents will pick from three different levels of care while living with us. They will also choose their floor plan. Our facility is designed for comfortable living. Seniors will find comfort in our services no matter what level of care they require. Residents will also find our amenities to be some of the best for assisted living homes.

If you or a loved one is retired, find comfort in The Village at Sugar Land, LLC. Our services cannot compare to others in the area. We are a nurse-owned and operated business. We were founded by a husband and wife with more than 30 years of senior health care experience. They will ensure your comfort in our friendly and cozy community.

What The Village at Sugar Land, LLC has to Offer

Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

Our assisted living facilities offer cozy environments.

We understand the difficulty of finding the right kind of assisted living facility for your loved one. Our mission is to make the job easier by providing premium amenities and services to residents.

Personal care is one of our primary focuses while seniors are in our care. Nursing homes or hospitals cannot offer the same kind of customized care as we can.

We can provide medication management and daily activity support, depending on what level of care residents choose.

Speaking of levels of care, we have three options when it comes to that decision. The first level of care is minimal support for daily activities, which sums up to independent living.

All of our plans include medication assistance so that residents can live worry-free. The second level of care is minimal to moderate assistance with daily activities. It also provides intervention with some specific behaviors.

Finally, the third level of care is supported through most daily activities and further intervention with behaviors. These levels of care help our staff ensure the care of each resident. It also helps the residents live their best lives while in our community. The Sugar Land area is full of amazing people, and The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, is not different.

Apartment Options and Amenities

Residents will also choose from five different kinds of floor plans from our 65 apartments. All of our apartments have walk-in closets, kitchenettes with refrigerators, and full baths with walk-in showers. They also have heating and cooling systems so residents can have their preferred optimal temperature. You can find our floor plans on our website, but they are also listed below.

 Assisted Living Homes and memory care Sugar land tx

Residents have a choice between five different floor plan options.

  • One-bedroom
  • One-bedroom deluxe
  • Studio
  • Studio-deluxe
  • Two-bedroom

Some of our apartment options have patios that open up into enclosed courtyards. Our courtyards are full of landscapes and walking paths. They are perfect for taking your dog on a walk because pets are also allowed.

As we mentioned earlier, the entire facility is designed to evoke comfort and warmth. We want people to love living here and spend as much time as possible, enjoying where they live.

A Memory Care Option

The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, offers support to families with a loved one suffering from a memory condition. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are common conditions that have a significant impact on families.

Our memory care residents are offered a lot of care while in our hands. They are kept well-fed, hydrated, and busy. These are meant to make their lives easier because what they are going through is not easy.

The memory care unit is split into three sections based on the resident’s level of function. Each section helps our team provide the right kind of support for each person.

Furthermore, our memory care unit has 24/7 support with nurses and staff. They provide personal care that is so important for senior living.

Memory Care Amenities

Sugar Land TX Memory Care Near Me

Spend time with family members in the comfort of The Village at Sugar Land, LLC.

Memory care residents can live in one of our 24 studio apartments or one of our six semi-private apartments.

Each area in our memory care unit opens up into dining rooms and living spaces, which provides the home-like environment they need. Residents in our memory care unit will also find plenty of activities.

Our staff offers a full slate of activities from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. Residents can participate in outdoor activities to promote exercise or participate in other activities.

Pet therapy, cooking, gardening, and puzzles are just a few other options. Daily activities help reduce agitation, which leads to less medication.

Hydration and nutrition are a concern for those suffering from a memory loss condition. That is why The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, has cooks and staff to keep them hydrated and fed.

The cooks create nutritional food for residents, and they provide finger foods throughout the day. It helps residents eat throughout the day without concern for malnutrition.

Dementia or Alzheimer’s is extremely difficult for families. That is why we extend support services to the family of memory care residents. Families may find comfort in ongoing support groups.

Some may find comfort in knowing what is affecting their loved ones. We offer educational programs for families, as well. And, of course, families can spend time with their loved ones during monthly family dinners.

Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Memory Care Near Me

Families who are interested in our assisted living facility should call us at (281) 729-8800. You can also visit our locations and living options webpages for more information.

More information can also be found in this Sugar Land TX Memory Care Assisted Living article. Your loved one will find comfort while in our care. They can live concern-free during their retirement. We also recommend visiting our website to read additional information on our facility.

The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, gives seniors the life they need for their retirement. Stop searching for “Sugar Land TX assisted living memory care near me” and give us a call today.

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