Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Homes

If you’re looking for Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Homes, you should definitely check out the services offered at The Village of Sugar Land. The goal we have in mind is to make our residents feel as happy and comfortable as possible. You’ll find that our facilities and amenities reflect our goals.

As with comfortable apartments, landscaped courtyards, dog parks, and sitting area, we are able to provide great living environments for all of our residents.

Furthermore, you’ll notice our commitment when you experience the way our staff behaves and conducts itself. Above all, we aim to help all of our clients by finding comprehensive solutions to their assisted living needs by providing a great retirement community with everything they require to live a great and happy life.

We offer great care services, along with memory care services, floor plans, senior living advisors, continuing care services, and related offerings. Furthermore, some of our apartments have patios that open onto enclosed, landscaped courtyards.

Each apartment also has its own heating and cooling system. Moreover, each apartment is designed to create comfortable surroundings where people can focus on the things they enjoy while flourishing in a nurturing environment.

You should also note that our assisted living apartments welcome pets. Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living facilities and personal care services.

Homes for assisted living in sugar land tx

Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Homes

We Offer Three Levels of Assisted Living Care

  • Level One: Level one of assisted living consists of independent living with medication assistance and minimal support with daily tasks
  • Level Two: Level two comes with minimal to moderate assistance in daily living activities. Residents in this level of assisted living may also require occasional intervention with certain behaviors.
  • Level Three: Residents in level three assisted living have medication assistance and support for daily tasks. Additionally, these residents may need more frequent interventions for certain behaviors.

About Our Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Homes

When it comes to assisted living homes and services, we can help our residents in several ways. Some of our units have patios that open onto enclosed, landscaped courtyards.

Additionally, the units come with their own heating and cooling system. All in all, our apartment units are designed to create comfortable surroundings where residents can focus on the things they enjoy and flourish in a nurturing environment. Even more, we also welcome pets in all our assisted living apartments. Here are some of the floor plans we can offer:

  • Two-bedroom
  • One-bedroom
  • One-bedroom deluxe
  • Studio
  • Studio deluxe

Apartments Also Feature

  • Walk-in closets
  • Kitchenettes with refrigerators
  • Full baths with walk-in showers

Furthermore, here are the three levels of assisted living care we offer:

  • Level one: Residents in level one of assisted living experience independent living with medication assistance in addition to minimal support on daily activities
  • Level two: The residents in level two receive medication assistance and minimal to moderate assistance on daily activities. Residents in level two may also require occasional intervention with certain behaviors.
  • Level three: Those in level three of assisted living receive medication assistance along with support for most activities of daily living while also requiring more frequent interventions for certain behaviors

Assisted Living Plus

Assisted Living Homes Sugar Land Texas

Your loved ones deserve the absolute best care, so bring them to our assisted living facility today!

In addition to our standard assisted living and memory care services, we also offer assisted living plus service. Assisted Living Plus provides higher levels of living care with one bedroom and studio floor plans.

Even more, our Assisted Living Plus has a team of professional nurses available 24/7. These services we offer are great for solutions for the following:

  • Post-surgical care: Assisted Living Plus offers therapy and care to people who live independently in their homes but wish to have the extra reassurance of nursing care before returning home after their procedure. We also offer post-procedure care to our current residents following a procedure.
  • Respite care: For primary caregivers wishing to take a break can turn to our respite care services. Whether you need a resource to care for your loved one while you deal with your own healthcare needs, or if you need a solution while you take a trip to visit friends and family, we’re the team for the job. Contact us to learn more about our short-term care options.
  • Aging in place: Residents who need more care than provided by our standard plans can choose our Assisted Living Plus services as an alternative to moving to a nursing home. This way, they can continue to enjoy our facility’s amenities in Sugar Land while benefiting from our wellness and fitness activities designed for specific needs.

Memory Care

In memory care services focus on providing a supportive environment where your family members can be safe and comfortable. We offer 24 studio apartments and six semi-private apartments.

Furthermore, the memory care unit is divided into three sections, with the residents assigned groups according to their level of function. In each of these areas, rooms open onto a living and dining area, creating a home-like environment. These three areas open onto a secure courtyard with porches, landscaping, and walking paths.

Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Homes

Our facilities are spacious and made to meet all of your needs.

Memory Care Activities

Residents in our memory care units will remain active throughout the day. With that being said, our activities are overseen by our professional staff from 9 a.m until 7 p.m.

Our residents will receive time each day for exercise and outdoor activities. Each week we offer:

  • Pet therapy
  • Movie time
  • Hymn time, as well as a variety of other activities

Activities such as cooking, gardening, games, and puzzles provide the stimulation and interaction that our residents need. And by keeping residents involved in these sorts of activities, we help decrease agitation and reduce the need for medication.

Our memory care unit also comes with a salon for haircuts, shampoos, and pedicures. We offer a variety of finger food meals to help residents remain independent during mealtime.

Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Homes

If you want to learn more about The Village of Sugar Land’s services and facilities, contact us at your earliest convenience.

You can reach us by calling (281) 729-8800 or visiting our locations and living options webpages. Moreover, you also read our Sugar Land TX Senior Living Facilities webpages to learn more.

Furthermore, make sure to visit our website for more information regarding our Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Homes.

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • Sugar land was the first community in the entire country to be awarded the distinction of a Community of Respect.
  • Home to more than 560 acres of developed parkland
  • The Sugar Land Imperial Refinery closed in 2002
  • Learn more about Sugar Land here