Sugar Land Texas CCRC Near Me

Do you know someone that is looking for the best Sugar Land Texas CCRC near me? The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, offers the right kind of comfort for every resident’s retirement. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) offers a more relaxing way of living. There are fewer worries in the world while in a senior living community.

The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, is a nurse-owned and operated business. Residents know they are getting the best possible care because we ensure their comfort. The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, was started by a husband and wife with more than 30 years of senior care experience. This experience translates into everything we provide at The Village at Sugar Land, LLC.

We offer several levels of care for residents, and we have a handful of floor plans they can choose from. Furthermore, our community is cozy and warm. Future residents will find plenty of comfort and warmth while in our care.

Families will also have peace of mind by knowing their loved ones are getting the care they need. Live out the rest of your retirement in a place that promotes lively activities and enjoyment.

Numerous communities in Houston will find our services beneficial. Your loved one will find plenty of things to do in our facility and has the opportunity to live an independent lifestyle while here.

Options Within Assisted Living

Sugar Land Texas CCRC Near Me

Sugar Land Texas CCRC Near Me

Assisted living often gets a bad reputation for stifling the lives of seniors. The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, promotes livelihood and lifestyle that will make any senior happy in our facility.

Home care is not always viable for seniors. There are times seniors require more focus than what is available at home.

The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, offers full-service retirement living in the heart of Sugar Land, TX. Residents find great comfort in the levels of care we offer and the floor plans available.

Our living plans provide the personalized care assisted living can provide. We have 24/7 nurse and staff support, so residents find the right balance in care.

The first level of care we offer is independent living. This consists of minimal support for daily activities. These residences do receive help with medication, but that is provided for every plan. The second level of care is moderate support during everyday activities. It also requires the intervention of certain behaviors in residents.

Finally, the last level of care offers support for most daily activities. It also requires the further intervention of behaviors from the resident. These levels of care help our team provide the attention each resident needs. These personalized care options are sometimes overlooked in nursing homes.

Assisted Living Apartments

Our assisted living apartments provide more options for future residents. We have 65 apartments in varying types of floor plans with premium amenities. Residents enjoy the cozy and warm environment our facility evokes. We have five different types of floor plans residents can choose from. They are listed below, but you can view them on our website.

Sugar Land Texas CCRC Near Me

Our beautiful one-bedroom floor plan is spacious enough for your loved one!

  • One-bedroom
  • One-bedroom deluxe
  • Studio
  • Studio deluxe
  • Two-bedroom

All of our apartments feature amenities that are beneficial to residents. Each apartment features walk-in closets, full baths with walk-in showers, and kitchenettes with refrigerators. Furthermore, our apartments also have heating and cooling systems to resident keep their optimal temperature.

Residents can also find solace in our enclosed courtyards. Some apartments feature patios that lead to these gorgeous oases. The resident can walk their dogs through them if they like or sit on their patio with their cat. The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, allows pets for residents as well.

Assisted Living Plus

We have one more option when it comes to assisted living. Our plus plan provides 24/7 support and a higher level of staffing for those who need it. This plan is best used in a few situations. First, it is a great option for residents who may have had surgery and require extra care. We can provide post-surgical care so that the patient’s remission is successful.

You may use our assisted living plus option if your loved one would fit the criteria of a nursing home more. Nursing homes are typically geared toward people who need extra care and cannot be taken care of at home. Our assisted living plus option will provide the support your loved one needs.

Sugar Land Texas CCRC Near Me

Spending time with your loved one is important. We can help you do that!

Finally, the last reason you may need our assisted living plus option is if you require some time from caring for your loved one. This option is available to non-residents and family members who are taking care of a senior at home.

Other responsibilities can come up, so you need the time to handle them. Let us help take care of your loved one for a short period while you handle other responsibilities.

Memory Care

The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, offers assisted living and memory care services. Our memory care unit is divided into three sections varying on the level of function of each resident. These sections help our skilled nursing services provide the care of the residents. Our memory care unit also offers daily activities for residents to take part in.

Our staff put on a broad slate of activities for residents. These activities range from gardening and cooking to puzzles and exercise. Daily activities occur between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Your loved one will also stay hydrated and fed. Our cooks create finger foods so residents can eat throughout the day. We also offer support to families dealing with a loved one suffering from memory loss.

Sugar Land Texas CCRC Near Me

If you are looking for an assisted living community or Alzheimer’s care, get in touch with The Village at Sugar Land, LLC. We offer a wide variety of services for residents and non-residents.

Visit our website to find the right kind of care for your loved one. Give us a call today at (281) 729-8800 to schedule a visit or ask us questions. You can also check our locations and living options web pages to get more information.

Even more, you can also check out this Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Centers Near Me. We are excited to offer the best amenities to the senior community. You can finally stop searching Sugar Land Texas CCRC near me.

Fun Facts about Sugar Land

  • Sugar Land is home to two professional minor league sports teams.
  • A portion of the 1974 movie, The Sugarland Express, takes place in Sugar Land.
  • Sugar Land has more than 560 acres of developed parkland.
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