Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living

Are you currently looking for a Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living facility? If so, then you should check out the great assisted living community at The Village of Sugar Land. We offer exceptional personal care services designed to help our senior living community provide excellent and pleasant quality of life.

Additionally, our assisted living in Sugar Land offer provides excellent senior care while also offering independent living experiences. Overall, we aim to use our expertise to provide a pleasant experience to all our residents. Our mission is reflected across our services and facilities.

Through our offering of comfortable apartments, landscaped courtyards, dog parks, and sitting areas, we do our part in providing comfy and safe living environments for all of our residents.

Here at The Village of Sugar Land, we do everything we do to provide our residents with great comfort and security in our assisted living community.

Our staff consistently aims to provide services that make our residents’ day great, every single day. We’re always searching for prompt and adequate solutions to problems that residents may face any given day in our living community.

Moreover, in addition to the essential needs, we’re also able to coordinate additional home health care services to help ensure that our residents are receiving great continuing care.

Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living

Give your loved ones the assisted living care they deserve at The Village.

About Our Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living Community

We believe that through careful planning and attention to detail, we can find great ways of offering senior housing and services. Essentially, when you choose our Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living services, you’re opting for the excellent quality of service, a consistent and rigorous commitment to excellence.

Here are the options we offer for our floor plans:

  • Two-bedroom
  • One-bedroom
  • One-bedroom
  • Studio
  • Studio deluxe

Moreover, our apartment units also feature

  • Walk-in closets
  • Kitchenettes with refrigerators
  • Full bath with walk-in showers

In addition to all this, our units also come with beautiful patios that open into enclosed, landscaped courtyards.

Furthermore, with each unit coming with an HVAC system, residents can choose the temperature that suits them best. All in all, the goal is to help our residents feel as comfortable as possible so they can focus on things they enjoy the most.

We always strive to help residents flourish while they live in our assisted living community. One of the best parts of our units is the fact that they are all pet-friendly.

Assisted Living Services

The Village of Sugar Land is proud of offering high levels of care with our bedrooms and studio floor plans. Even more, our team of professional nurses is on-call 24/7, along with the higher-level staff. We provide three levels of assisted living care services:

  • Sugar Land TX Assisted Living Apartments

    Join our community and discover the wonderful amenities and care we have to offer!

    Level one: Residents in level one of assisted living care services are provided medication assistance along with support with their daily activities.

  • Level two: Level two in our assisted living care includes daily living activities along with medication assistance. Additionally, these residents may also need occasional intervention with certain behaviors.
  • Level three: The third level in our assisted living care services includes assistance with their medication and more frequent interventions for certain behaviors

Additionally, We’re an Excellent Option For:

  • Post-surgical care: We offer nursing care and therapy for those who live on their own in their residencies but still wish to have extra reassurance of their nursing care before they return home following their procedure. Our team is also capable of providing post-surgical care to residents who have gone through certain surgical procedures.
  • Respite care: Primary caregivers are great as they care for their loved ones when they are needed the most. With that being said, everyone needs a break now and then. So whether you’re looking for a resource to aid in the caring of your loved one or you’re looking for an assisted living solution while taking a trip to visit friends or family, we’re sure to have the right short-term care plan for you.

Memory Care

Our memory care unit offers residents supportive environments where family members can be comfortable and safe. In our memory care department, we offer 24 studio apartments and six semiprivate apartments. Moreover, three different sections divide this unit. We assign groups to our residents based on their level of function.

Furthermore, these rooms open onto a living and dining area. Overall, these apartments are excellent in creating a home-like environment. These areas also open onto a courtyard, which contains a great view with porches, landscaping, and beautiful walking paths.

Residents who reside in our memory care units are active throughout the day. And during the day, the activities we plan are overseen by our dedicated staff, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Throughout the week, our residents can expect activities such as:

  • Pet therapy
  • Movie time
  • Hymn time, as well as other similar activities
assisted living sugar land texas

Our professional staff is always here for you.

We keep residents stimulated and interactive by planning activities such as gardening, cooking, puzzles, and other things of that sort. Furthermore, by keeping residents as active as we do, we help in decreasing agitation and a reduction in the need for medication.

This memory care unit also includes a salon for haircuts, shampoos, and pedicures. We also offer a variety of finger foods, helping residents remain independent during mealtime.

Additionally, we also place a great emphasis on ensuring that our residents stay hydrated throughout the day.

Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living

As you can see, our facilities are excellent for many reasons. We don’t just provide services for the person with the condition. We’re also there for the patient’s family. The goal is to help residents remain as calm as possible.

One thing that’s for sure is that residents will be safe in our supportive environment. Our Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living services also include courtyards, porches, landscaping, and beautiful walking paths.

For more information about our floor plans, amenities, and services, visit our website! You can also speak with a friendly team member by calling (832) 520-0325.

Overall, residents will find that our Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living community offers everything they need to live safely and comfortably.

Sugar Land Texas Fun Facts

  • Sugar Land served as a company town for over fifty years prior to its incorporation in 1959.
  • The city served as a location in the film Powder and The Evening Star
  • Home to two minor league sports teams
  • Learn more about Sugar Land here