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Your search for “Sugar Land Texas assisted living places near me” ends today. Welcome to The Village at Sugar Land. We’re a premier assisted living facility dedicated to providing care for your loved ones in their golden years. But we’re more than a facility with floor plans, recreational activities, and only the most well-trained staff. We’re a new home for your loved one.

The Village at Sugar Land | Who We Are?

Sugar Land TX Memory Care Near Me

Our many care services allow us to cater to residents of different dependability levels.

The Village at Sugar Land is the best option for your loved one to be when their health requires that extra help they need. We’re a facility committed to providing the best environment for those in your family with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other similar diseases. Our highly trained staff is passionate about caring for your loved ones.

Assisted Living

When your loved one begins to struggle with day-to-day tasks such as cooking and bathing, we step in. Providing the assisted living program allows your loved ones to get the assistance they need while maintaining independence when they need it. Our registered nurses are here to help with any matter when it comes to helping your loved one. Complete with a floor plan, this program gives you the following benefits:

  • Fast and easy transportation.
  • Courtyards for walking.
  • Around the clock house cleaning.
  • Pets for companionship (with certain restrictions).
  • Libraries with many different books.

This transition is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. You shouldn’t have to worry about your loved one, so we’ve made it our responsibility to provide the best care at all times. Our nurses can assist with all matters from cooking, bathing, and handling medicine. Our community dedicates itself to having the safest and most enjoyable living experience for your loved one. Assisted living is the perfect option for a family member staying with us for the long term.

Sugar Land Texas Affordable Assisted Living

Leave the worries and stress of everyday life behind by speaking with the staff at The Village.

Assisted Living Plus

This living option is perfect for our short term guests for a few reasons. Firstly, while some of our residents only require some help, others need extra help. With assisted living, plus, we offer a more hands-on approach.

Secondly, we specialize in quality care for those recovering from a procedure or recovery from illness. Constant care for your loved one will be available as this plan focuses on companionship.

And lastly, like our previous plan, your family member will have access to all the benefits our facility offers:

  • Beautiful dining rooms with nutritious food
  • Elegant gardens
  • Workout rooms to maintain health
  • Outdoor walking areas for fresh air
  • Books, magazines, and newspapers in our library
  • And much, much more

From physical therapy to handling medicine to merely keeping them company, our nurses are here to help with it all. Even if your loved one is staying short term, we want the comfort to be maximum and of the highest degree.

Respite Care

Here at the Village at Sugar Land, we know being a primary caregiver can be a lot. If you need someone to look after those you care about when you have to travel or take care of things, please reach out to us for respite care. We offer short term housing and care for your valued family members and all their needs, no matter how small. Call today to learn more about what options we have for you at (281)-790-8800.

Memory Care

Choose the village at Sugarland if you want the best Missouri City Texas assisted living near me

Choose the village at Sugarland if you want the best Sugar Land Texas assisted living places near me.

The quality of care for your loved one with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any similar disease is vital to us. Because of this, we decided to introduced memory care. This living program allows residents with those diseases to have a lovely home here at the Village. Our team of registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses are trained in all matters with those who struggle with daily tasks. As a result, our memory care unit is on the clock 24 hours to assist with medicine, cooking, bathing, and keeping your loved one company.

CarePredict Technology

Not only do we have the best team of nurses, but we also have the best technology. CarePredict Technology enables you to be close with your loved one while you’re away. This AI system includes fall detection, two-way radio, and location insight. It’s essential for us to be connected with those you care about, so we also added touch to talk as well. CarePredict Technology also lets you monitor when your loved one is eating, sleeping, and location. You can even see how long they are sleeping. We made it easy for you.

24-Hour Care

Our team will always be with your loved one at all times because we know how much they matter to you and us.

Floor Plans

To make our facility feel more like home, we have included multiple floor plans. We provide private, semi-private, and secure studios for both single and two residents. Many of our studios come equipped with multi-room, multi-bathroom, and patio area for when your loved one wants to get some fresh air. To have a tour of the rooms, we offer please call today at (281)-729-8800.

Fun Fitness and Wellness

We believe in maintaining your loved one engaged in creating a positive environment here at the Village at Sugar Land. Our state of the art exercise rooms is excellent for socializing and having a healthy lifestyle. Physical therapy and exercise reduce many health risks, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that outdoor activities and working out significantly improve mental wellness in residents with dementia and similar diseases. We have many activities to help your loved one get moving, including dancing, gardening, and spacious walking areas.

Nutrition and Diets

We take into consideration all specific diets so your loved one can enjoy the healthiest meals possible made only from the freshest and natural ingredients. Our chefs specialize in foods rich in protein, grains, vegetables, and fruits and offer a diverse course. We also make sure specific diets are catered to for individuals with allergies.

Why choose The Village over other Sugar Land Texas assisted living places near me.

Here we know that everyone matters, and we provide all amenities for your loved one can have a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Whether it’s short term or long term, we want you to know that we are passionate about what we do. We only provide the most advanced technology and the most professional staff. Because we know your loved one deserves it. Give us a call today to get more information and get started at (281)-729-8800. Your search for “Sugar Land Texas assisted living places near me” ends here.

Fun Facts about Sugar Land

  • For more than 50 years, Sugar Land was a company town.
  • Sugar Land was named for its sugar cane production.
  • Santa Anna’s Army passed through Sugar Land on its way to San Jacinto.
  • Learn more about Sugar land by visiting.