Rosenberg TX Senior Living

Are you looking for a Rosenberg TX Senior Living facility you can trust with the care of your loved one? If so, consider contacting The Village at Sugar Land. We have a range of housing options, from independent living to extensive care.

Our housing options are built with the safety and health of our residents in mind. The Village is dedicated to quality care for every resident. If you decide to trust us with your loved one’s care, you can have peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best treatment possible.

At the Village, our staff knows the importance of socialization and community activities among our residents. Our team of event planners carefully creates fun community activities every senior can enjoy. We make it our mission to go the extra mile in every aspect of your loved one’s care.

Rosenberg TX Senior Living

Make lasting friendships with other community residents at The Village.

Living Options

Assisted Living

The care we provide to our residents at The Village proves our dedication to their well-being. For our residents who would prefer an independent living situation, we offer one and two-bedroom residences, as well as studio-sized apartments.

Every home comes with the standard features and furnishings of a home. Additionally, we have taken into account those residents who experience mobility issues. Ask about our housing options that have a little extra maneuver room for those who move with the assistance of a cane, walker, or wheelchair.

Our mission is to provide every resident with an independent living lifestyle while giving them the peace of mind that comes with quick access to medical care. Our nursing team is available 24/7, so your loved one will feel safe and secure living alone in our community.

The great news about The Village is that we don’t just provide housing to long-term residents. In fact, we offer the same quality of care and activities for our short-term residents.

If you are going out of town on a business trip and do not have an alternative living option for your loved one, we have studio-sized apartments and one-bedroom residences available for short-term guests!

Senior living places in Rosenberg TX

We take care of your family, so they don’t have to feel like a burden!

Assisted Living Plus

The Village is proud to offer assisted living options to long and short-term residents. Our short-term guests are often seniors who have recently had major surgery or are recovering from an injury.

If your loved one needs extra medical care, for this reason, give us a call. We offer an assisted living plus option for seniors who are in recovery.

During recovery from an injury or surgery, seniors are more susceptible to other medical illnesses and mental conditions like depression. As a result, it is crucial to help them participate in activities and socialization events.

For the duration of their stay, your loved one will have the opportunity to participate in fun activities like board game nights, bingo, and gardening. We encourage our residents to socialize and form new friendships.

The most important aspect of our assisted living plus option is the medical care we provide to our residents in recovery. They will have 24/7 access to a team of professional nurses who will provide medical care.

Additionally, they will assist with daily tasks, like getting dressed and bathing. Whether your loved one needs physical therapy, counseling, or specific medications, we will give them the best care possible.

Memory Care

The most important service we offer at The Village is our memory care assisted living program. If your loved one is dealing with severe memory loss or having trouble completing daily tasks, it might be time to consider an assisted living facility.

Dementia is a disease that comes in many forms. However, in most instances, memory loss is one of the symptoms that will progressively worsen. Home care will become more complicated, and even hiring a caregiver might not be the best option.

Our memory care program provides 24/7 medical care to memory care residents and assistance with other daily activities. We encourage all of our memory care residents to socialize and participate in activities when they can do so.

Participating in social activities with other residents will have countless positive impacts on your loved one. It has been proven to improve memory and cognitive function significantly. As a result, our memory care team works hard to make sure these patients can join in on community events.

Community Activities

At The Village, our team is committed to helping your loved one enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Access to activities and events in our community is essential to their overall physical and mental health. Participation in activities leads to the formation of new friendships.

Our event planners regularly host fun classes that will teach residents to paint, cook, and dance. We guarantee they will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Health and Wellness

All of our residents have 24/7 access to quality medical care, which comes from our professional team of nurses. They are available any time, day or night, with the push of a button.

Other health and wellness services offered at The Village include psychiatry, counseling, physical therapy, and fitness classes. Keeping fit is essential to preventing future medical conditions.

Nutrition is another aspect of our ‘health and wellness’ mentality. The Village has a team of professional chefs who specialize in preparing nutritious and delicious meals. Additionally, they will cater to the dietary needs of each resident.

Visitors are Welcome

Senior care community Rosenberg Texas

Look to The Village at Sugarland when you need the best Rosenberg TX senior living center.

We encourage visitors to The Village because our team knows how important it is for residents to stay connected to family and friends. Our beautiful grounds are designed as a space for family time.

Whether you decide to have a picnic or take a stroll through a garden with your loved one, we guarantee you will be creating lasting memories.

Rosenberg TX Senior Living

For more information about our housing options, locations, or community activities, visit our website! You can also speak with a friendly representative by calling  (281) 729 8800.

For a Rosenberg TX Senior Living community, you can trust, contact The Village at Sugar Land today!

Rosenberg, TX Fun Facts:

  • Downtown Rosenberg is the only cultural and historic district in the entire county.
  • Rosenberg was once called a ‘Mudtown’ because of how the dirt roads looked when it rained.
  • This city was founded as a railroad town by Galveston residents.
  • Most of the town’s residents lived in tents during the late 1800s.
  • For more information about Rosenberg, TX, visit the city’s website!