Rosenberg TX Senior Living Facilities

Are you looking for Rosenberg TX Senior Living Facilities in the Fort Bend County area? If so, look no further than The Village at Sugar Land. We provide a selection of housing options from which seniors can choose.

Our team at The Village provides exceptional care to our residents. Additionally, our team works hard to facilitate an ideal personal and social lifestyle ideal for retirement. You can have peace of mind knowing we will go the extra mile for every aspect of your loved one’s care.

Daily life at The Village is centered around the health and wellness of our residents. Every part of their care focuses on keeping them safe and healthy for the duration of their stay. Activities and social events are a large part of how we keep our seniors active and happy.

Rosenberg TX Senior Living Facilities

Rosenberg TX Senior Living Facilities

Living Options

Assisted Living

Our basic assisted living homes are for those seniors who would prefer an independent lifestyle. We have studio-sized apartments and one and two-bedroom homes available from which they can choose.

Every residence comes with the standard furnishings and features of a typical home. Furthermore, we take into consideration those residents who have mobility restrictions. Does your loved one use a cane, walker, or wheelchair when moving around? If so, ask about our homes that have a little more maneuver room.

The Village offers housing to short and long-term residents. For short-term guests, we have studio and one-bedroom apartments available.  If you are going out of town on business, or need an alternative living situation for your loved one, give us a call.

For the duration of their stay, your loved one will receive the same access to medical care and community events that our long-term residents enjoy. While you are away, you can have peace of mind knowing they are creating new memories and friendships at Rosenberg TX Senior Living Facilities.

Assisted Living Plus

The assisted living plus program is for seniors who are recuperating from major surgery or an injury. If this sounds like your loved one, and you are struggling to provide the care they need, consider temporarily housing them at The Village.

Our medical team is composed of registered and licensed nurses who will provide around-the-clock care. Additionally, they will help your loved one complete daily tasks like changing clothes and bathing.

Seniors will often exhibit feelings of depression and loneliness during a recovery period. This is typically the result of limited mobility. We encourage our recovering seniors to attend community events as they are able. Activities like bingo, movie nights and board games are enough to lift their spirits without overtaxing them.

The 24/7 medical care we provide to your loved one is second-to-none. Exceptional care is the key to their recovery. Whether they need physical therapy or a gentle reminder to take their medication, we are here to help them.

Rosenberg Texas Senior Living Facilities

Your family is important to you so they’re important to us too!

Memory Care

The most significant program we offer at The Village is our memory care service. If your loved one is experiencing significant memory loss or having trouble completing daily tasks, they might be suffering from Dementia or a similar disease.

Dementia is a progressive disease that comes in many forms. However, debilitating memory and cognitive function loss is a common symptom across the spectrum of Dementia-like diseases.  In time, you might find that providing home care to your loved one is becoming more challenging. The Village offers a memory care program specifically for those patients with Dementia or other memory loss diseases.

The Village employs a team of memory care professionals who specialize in providing the right kind of care. They are here to give your loved one 24/7 access to medical care or another type of assistance.

Participation in community activities can have a transformative impact on your loved one’s disease progression. Research has shown that it can even significantly increase the cognitive and memory functions of a Dementia patient. Our team encourages all memory care patients to enjoy activities with other residents as they are able.

Community Activities

At The Village, we provide a daily schedule of fun community activities and social events. When our residents participate in these, we find that they can live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Additionally, it allows them to create new friendships and memories.

On a daily basis, we host activities like bingo, gardening, movie and game nights, and dancing. Several times a month, our residents have fun attending classes where they can learn new skills like cooking, dancing, painting, and gardening. By regularly engaging in these activities, your loved one will experience a physical and mental improvement to their quality of life.

Health and Wellness

In addition to regular medical care, The Village offers other health services like psychiatry, mental health counseling, physical therapy, and fitness classes. The fully-equipped fitness center allows them to create a fitness routine that works for them and their health needs. Keeping fit is undoubtedly a great way to prevent future illnesses and diseases; however, nutrition is also a vital component of a healthy lifestyle.

Our professional chefs provide daily meals that are both healthy and delicious. Additionally, they will cater to the dietary needs of our residents.

Families are Welcome

We encourage our residents to stay connected to friends and family outside of the community. Our grounds are full of gardens, walking paths, and other features that you and your loved one can enjoy together. Whether you are having a picnic or strolling through the garden, we guarantee you will create lasting memories.

Rosenberg TX Senior Living Facilities

Senior Living Facilities in Rosenberg Texas

The Village offers exceptional living facilities and dining experiences.

For more information about our community, floor plans, or to reserve a room, visit our website. You can also speak with a friendly staff member by calling (281) 729 8800.

If you are looking for Rosenberg TX Senior Living Facilities that provide quality and compassionate care, look no further than The Village at Sugar Land.

Rosenberg, TX Fun Facts:

  • Rosenberg was founded as a railroading town.
  • In the 1880s, most Rosenberg residents lived in tents.
  • After a rainstorm, the dirt roads of Rosenberg would become a bog of mud and water. For this reason, the town was often referred to as ‘mudtown.’
  • Rosenberg is the home of the only cultural and historic district in Fort Bend County.
  • For more information about Rosenberg, TX, visit the city’s website!