Rosenberg TX Assisted Living Facilities

Are you searching for Rosenberg TX Assisted Living Facilities near you? If so, consider contacting the compassionate staff of The Village at Sugar Land. We offer several housing options that fit various care needs, from independent living to memory care needs.

The housing in our community is built with the health and wellness of our residents in mind. We are committed to providing quality care in all aspects of our residents’ lives. When you see that we go the extra mile for your loved one, you will have peace of mind trusting us with their care.

One of the most critical aspects of our community is the activities we provide for residents. Our staff knows the importance of hosting events, and our planning team creates fun activities for every senior to enjoy.

Living Options

Rosenberg TX Assisted Living Facilities

When you take a tour of The Village, you won’t want to consider any other Rosenberg TX Assisted Living Facilities.

Assisted Living

We provide all of our residents with the quality care they need and deserve. Some of our residents prefer an independent lifestyle. For them, we have studio-sized residences as well as one and two-bedroom apartments available.

Each home has all the furnishings and features of a home. Additionally, we take into account those residents who have mobility restrictions.

If your loved one moves around with the aid of a cane, wheelchair, or walker, ask about our housing options that provide a little extra maneuver room!

The Village is proud to offer assisted living options to long and short-term residents. If you are heading out of town and need an alternative living situation for an elderly loved one, consider calling The Village.

We have studio-sized and one-bedroom apartments available for short-term guests. In addition, your loved one will enjoy the same care and activities that our long-term residents enjoy.

Assisted Living Plus

If your loved one has recently undergone major surgery or is recovering from an injury, they might require extensive care in the short-term. The Village offers exceptional short-term assisted living for these situations.

For the duration of their stay, your loved one will receive the medical attention they need in order to recover. After surgery, seniors are typically unable to get around quickly.

This can cause feelings of loneliness and depression. As a result, we encourage them to participate in activities like a board game night, bingo competition, or gardening party.

The most critical aspect of recovery is proper medical care. Our professional team of nurses provides 24/7 care and assistance with other tasks, like changing clothes and bathing. We also offer services like physical therapy, administering medications, and psychiatry or counseling.

Memory Care

The Village offers excellent memory care assisted living. If your loved one is having difficulty performing simple tasks or remembering things, they might be suffering from Dementia or a similar disease.

Dementia can take many forms; however, memory loss is a prevalent symptom across the spectrum of these diseases. As the disease progresses, home care can become more difficult. In some cases, hiring a caregiver is not the right option.

The Village has a memory care program that gives residents access to 24/7 medical care. Additionally, our professional memory care team will offer regular support and assistance to your loved one.

We encourage our memory care patients to participate in community activities because we know how important this is to their overall well-being. Furthermore, enjoying activities with other residents can have a positive impact on their physical and mental health.

Additionally, research has proven that doing so helps improve cognitive and memory function. As a result, our memory care team and event planning crew work together to create fun activities that these residents can enjoy.

Rosenberg TX senior living

At The Village, you can spend your days partaking in various activities from gardening to dancing to painting!

Community Activities

Enjoying fun and engaging activities is essential to the mental and physical health of our senior residents. Additionally, participation in these events can lead to the formation of new friendships and lifelong memories.

Our event planning team hosts regular programs that teach residents things like painting, cooking, and dancing. We guarantee they will have the time of their life!

Health and Wellness

The Village offers 24/7 medical care to all of its residents, and we have a professional staff available at the push of a button. This team comprises registered nurses (RNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), all of whom are qualified to care for our residents.

Also, we offer other health services like psychiatry and counseling, physical therapy, and fitness classes. Keeping fit, physically and mentally, is a crucial step your loved one can take to prevent future illnesses and diseases.

Nutrition is just one more aspect of the ‘health and wellness’ mentality we have at The Village.  Our team of professional chefs creates delicious and healthy meals that our residents savor. Additionally, they will cater to the specific dietary needs of your loved one.

For example, if they have diabetes or have another health condition that restricts their diet, we can accommodate them! You will never have to worry about your loved one receiving healthy meals at The Village.

Visitors are Welcome

The Village community is centered around family. We encourage our residents to stay connected with their family and friends, and we love visitors! Our beautiful grounds are inviting and filled with gardens, walking paths, and other wonderful features.

Whether you decide to have a picnic or go for a stroll, you and your loved one are sure to create lifetime memories. In addition, you could even choose to attend a class or event with your loved one.

senior living assistance Rosenberg TX

The Village offers nutritious and delicious meals three times a day!

Rosenberg TX Assisted Living Facilities

The Village at Sugar Land offers an independent lifestyle with immediate medical care at the push of a button. Furthermore, we have a professional staff of nurses ready to provide compassionate care for those residents needing extensive medical attention.

If you would like more information about our location, activities, or housing floor plans, visit our website. You can also speak with a caring community representative by calling (281) 729 8800.

If you are looking for Rosenberg TX Assisted Living Facilities you can trust with the care of your loved one, call The Village at Sugar Land today!

Rosenberg, TX Fun Facts:

  • Downtown Rosenberg is the only historic and cultural district in Fort Bend County.
  • Annual events in Rosenberg include Rail Fest, Wine Stomp, and Rosenberg Christmas Nights.
  • In the 1880s, all of Rosenberg’s residents lived in tents.
  • Rosenberg was founded as a railroad town.
  • For more information about Rosenberg, TX, visit the city’s website.