Pecan Grove TX Assisted Living

Are you looking for a Pecan Grove TX Assisted Living facility you can trust? If so, contact the Village at Sugarland! Our state-of-the-art facility has several assisted living options, and you can count on us to provide quality care.

The Village at Sugar Land has an incredible staff that includes event planners, receptionists, chefs, all of whom contribute to keeping your loved one happy and healthy while they are a resident here. Most importantly, we have an excellent and caring team of medical professionals who are available 24/7.

Pecan Grove TX Assisted Living

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Senior citizens can have a variety of medical conditions, like Dementia or Parkinson’s. With these come side effects like depression and other cognitive and behavioral issues.

The staff of the Village at Sugar Land understands this. That is why we provide consistent activities for our residents. We believe your loved one will experience the benefits of a healthy physical and mental lifestyle when they regularly engage in activities with other residents.

Living Options at The Village

Assisted Living

The Village primarily serves senior citizens. However, we also have a place for other adult citizens with debilitating medical conditions that prevent them from living alone. Choosing to be a resident at The Village is one of the best steps they can take to have a semi-independent lifestyle with ready medical care.

The Village at Sugar Land offers several different assisted living options. Our facility has studio-sized apartments and one and two-bedroom rentals available for prospective residents.

Each residence comes with standard furnishings. Additionally, there is extra space when it means easy maneuvering for those who use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs.

Our regular assisted living housing is for seniors who want some semblance of independent living while also having quick access to medical care and other aid.

Assisted Living Plus

The Village at Sugar Land offers assisted living to both short and long-term residents. Our Assisted Living Plus plan provides studio and one-bedroom apartments to short-term visitors.

For example, if you are heading out of town for a business trip or weekend getaway, and do not have an alternative living situation for your loved one, give The Village a call.

While your loved one is a guest with us, they will receive the same benefits and medical care our long-term residents get. You can leave knowing your loved one will be receiving 24/7 access to exceptional medical care. In addition, they will enjoy nutritional meals and fun community activities.

Senior living centers Pecan Grove Texas

Pets are welcome in our loving and caring community!

Memory Care

Of all our assisted living plans, the memory care services we offer are the most important. If you notice your loved one is having trouble recalling things or completing simple tasks, they might be suffering from the beginning stages of a progressive condition like Dementia.

Additionally, as the disease progresses, it will become more challenging to provide them with the quality care they deserve. If you believe your loved one needs assistance, know that The Village at Sugar Land provides every memory care resident with 24/7 access to medical care.

We are here to help our residents complete daily tasks and enjoy the many benefits we have at the Village. Our facility has private and semi-private living options designed and built for our memory care residents’ comfort. Our memory care team is also passionate about helping your loved one receive the best care possible.

Community Activities

Research shows that senior citizens have a healthier state of mind when involved in group activities. Socialization is a key component of the activities we offer at The Village.

Furthermore, for those residents who live alone, community activities are a great way to prevent certain mental health conditions like depression. It can also have a positive impact on the cognitive abilities of your loved one.

Health and Wellness

The Village at Sugar Land has the best in 24/7 medical care available for your loved one. Our medical staff consists of professional registered nurses (RNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) who care for all of our residents.

The Village provides additional medical care services like psychiatry, physical therapy, and counseling. We have a fully-equipped fitness center where residents can sign up for a variety of fun classes. We encourage our residents to participate in wellness activities like dance classes, fitness programs, and gardening.

Our mission is to help your loved one live life to the fullest here at The Village. This means encouraging them to be active, socialize, and eat well. You will never have to worry about whether they are receiving healthy meals.

The team of chefs at our facility caters to your loved one’s specific dietary needs. For example, if a resident has Diabetes, we can accommodate their nutritional requests. Every day residents enjoy well-balanced meals that keep them active and healthy.

Visitors Welcome!

Assisted living in Pecan Grove Texas

Your loved one will make friendships and memories that last a lifetime!

While your loved one is a resident at The Village, we want them to feel connected to family and friends. As a result, we encourage visitors to enjoy some of the great features we have at our facility.

We have walking paths, several gardens, and an assortment of other outdoor features. Our facility is built as a place for families to gather.

Pecan Grove TX Assisted Living

If you are looking for an assisted living facility that can provide the best care to your loved one, consider contacting The Village at Sugar Land. Our team of medical professionals and staff are here to help residents live their best life.

In addition to our fun community activities, we provide 24/7 medical care. Whether your loved one is a Dementia patient or merely looking for some extra help moving around, we can help.

We look forward to helping your loved one enjoy an independent lifestyle with the peace of mind that comes with assisted living care.

If you would like more information about our housing options, activities, or locations, visit our website. You can also speak to a friendly representative by calling (281) 729 8800.

For a Pecan Grove TX Assisted Living, you can trust contact The Village at Sugar Land today!

Fun Facts About Pecan Grove

  • Pecan Grove hosts an annual ‘5 Mile My Way’ event, a 5-mile course that you can walk, run, or bike!
  • The estimated population is around 16,000 people.
  • The area spans 8.8 square miles.
  • It is apart of Fort Bend County.
  • To learn more about Pecan Grove, why not visit?