Health & Wellness

Physical and Cognitive Engagement

The Village at Sugar Land engages with residents on a number of different levels. Two areas in which engagement is absolutely necessary is the body and mind. There are a number of benefits your loved one can take advantage of when choosing our facility. Often times, exercise and mental stimulation can be difficult to stimulate. Nevertheless, The Village at Sugar Land has a variety of ways to get your loved one moving and thinking.

Physical activity is crucial for residents because it can reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, breast cancer, colon cancer, and more. The risk of falls is also reduced. The Village at Sugar Land hosts daily activities that encourage physical movement. Gardening, exercise classes, and dancing are just a few examples. Our facility is also equipped with areas in which residents can exercise on their own time.

In turn, these daily and social activities will stimulate your loved one’s mind. Studies have suggested physical exercise allows the brain to maintain old network connections and develop new ones. Overall, the brain structure is improved when your loved one participates in physical activities.

Nutritional Diet

The dining options at The Village at Sugar Land are nutritional. Our chefs develop healthy food options for residents to enjoy throughout each day. Using fresh ingredients and incorporating foods from every group allows us to promote healthier living. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats are included with daily meals. If your loved one has dietary restrictions, then the chefs will accommodate them. We can even develop specific diets for residents who require them.

For those within our memory care unit, they will have access to finger food throughout the day. Those with forms of dementia often have harder times eating or remembering to eat. So, our chefs create finger foods daily for residents to easily consume between mealtimes.

Eating healthy foods helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and improves brain health. Research suggests healthy foods have a way of improving cognitive function. In fact, there is evidence to suggest certain diets can preserve cognitive function. Above all, nutrition is an important part of physical and cognitive wellbeing.

Contact our team today by calling (281) 729 8800. Ask what other ways we promote health and wellness for your loved one.