Missouri City TX What Is Assisted Living

Are you wondering Missouri City TX What is Assisted Living? Let The Village be the answer you’re looking for. This assisted living community will surpass every expectation you will have when you make a choice.

We understand that putting your senior in an assisted living facility is difficult, but The Village has more to offer in senior care than others in the business. Our standards are set high for making sure your loved one receives the best care services and be happy with their stay.

This is not a traditional nursing home, but a community we want to enjoy with your loved ones when they become residents. Whether it be short or long term, we will provide comfort for all their needs. Please continue reading to learn more about our assisted living care options for Missouri City TX What Is Assisted Living!

Missouri City Texas assisted living

If you want the best Missouri City Texas assisted living facility for your loved one then choose The Village.

Assisted Living

Your loved ones will need assistance regularly for their various symptoms and challenges they face daily. Our nurses are ready to tend to them day and night to make sure they are happy and healthy.

As we get older, it becomes harder to do a simple task. There is nothing wrong with asking for aid when you need it. The Village is here to give home care for seniors when they need it most.

This program offers many amenities that will keep your senior active during their stay. We enjoy taking our seniors to various places with our transportation system to take them anywhere they wish.

We schedule short trips to the mall and grocery store, so they feel they are still leading an everyday life even in a care facility. They can also visit outside the courtyard to get fresh air daily and enjoy the outdoor activities we have set up for them.

Our library is always open to allow the elderly to read their day away as they wish. One of our favorite offers is allowing the residents to bring their dog to live with them, so they have a companion.

This being said, we also have housekeeping working whenever they need help. Our program wants your elder to have fun while they stay with us. We also offer movie nights and cooking for those who enjoy past times.

Sugar Land Texas Assisted Living Communities Near Me

Stop searching Missouri City, TX, and visit The Village!

Assisted Living Plus

This program is set at a higher standard of care for guests who will be staying long term. We offer this service for those that might be waiting short-term but that might be recovering from a procedure.

With our around the clock, working nurses, assisted living plus is ideal for residents who need a little extra attention. We center this program around companionship for our guests.

Our amenities for this assisted living care are close to the other program, but we offer a better lifestyle for their stay. With elegant dining rooms to enjoy their dinner and parties with their new neighbors, they will be having the time of their lives.

Our libraries are open, as well as our workout rooms for those who want to keep moving. We have personal trainers ready to assist with any techniques or workout programs that our elderly guests would like to learn.

Taking care of your loved one is important to us as we want this to be an easy transition for them. We will continue to make their stay as comfortable as possible as they stay in their private rooms.

Our facility is designed for them to feel at home with our outstanding care and recreational activities. Give us a call if you have any further questions.

Memory Care

Severe memory loss can happen to anyone. Here at The Village, we have primary care services that specialize in supporting those who suffer from memory loss.

For those who battle dementia, this program is set up to conquer daily issues they might face when having this disease. Our facility has the technology and professional care that will help with living and memory care.

Our program has developed a procedure called CarePredict technology. This AI system will allow you to peek into your senior’s daily life and see how they are progressing into the new lifestyle.

You can track how they are doing while they eat, sleep, and cook. This state-of-the-art technology also includes fall detection, two-way radio, and location insights.

Along with the CarePredict, we also have our nurses ready to assist with our guests’ 24 hour needs. Your loved one deserves professional care that can leave you with peace of mind. Contact The Village to learn more about our unique memory care and the right choice for your senior.

Choose the village at Sugarland if you want the best Missouri City Texas assisted living near me

Choose the village at Sugarland if you want the best Missouri City Texas assisted living near me

Health and Wellness

Each of our guests has different needs to be met daily. We want to push the quality of service they get to make sure they are at peace with their bodies and souls at their age.

It is essential to keep their minds working to keep them stable. Exercise and mental stimulation keeps them in good health as well as clear from any further health problems.

Physical activity is displayed well in our programs as we want our guests to continue to be healthy. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are still risk they face at their age, and we want to make sure we can prevent this from happening.

We offer exercise classes and dancing to keep them active and gardening to allow them time outdoors. We encourage each guest to socialize with others during these activities. Socializing will help them continue to maintain networking with others.

When it comes to their diets, we try to keep a nutritional balance between their needs and wants. We promote healthy living at The Village and encourage healthy eating habits to keep them active for their all-day activities.

We use finger food exercises for those in our memory care unit to remember eating certain foods, especially for those with dementia. Maintaining a healthy diet through certain food types is vital to cognitive functions as well. 

Missouri City TX What Is Assisted Living

When choosing Missouri City TX What Is Assisted Living for you, we were hoping you could choose the suitable senior housing. The Village is one of the best in the business with reassuring you with the quality care your loved one deserves.

For more information about The Village, visit our website to read more about our services and locations. Or call at (832) 520-0325 us to speak to a staff member about getting you the best care. 

The Village of Missouri City TX What Is Assisted Living you want for your family. 

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