Missouri City TX senior living communities

If you’re looking for Missouri City TX senior living communities, the senior community at The Village is exactly what you need. Besides having the best nursing homes in the state of Texas, we have an amazing group of people that you can share your experience with. On top of that, our collection of services guarantees the care you need – don’t be afraid to give you and your loved ones the best by coming to The Village.


Missouri City TX senior living communities

Missouri City TX senior living communities

Our most basic senior care involves senior housing,  in-house therapy, and access to exercise/entertainment. We highly recommend this level if you or your loved one simply needs somewhere to be with light assistance. In other words, if you can perform most actions on their own, this is likely the best option for you.

Assisted Living Plus & Memory Care

If you require more intense car or around the clock assistance, we highly recommend our assisted living plus and memory care. The former is a step up – if you’re recovering from an illness, you may want a nurse and official staff that is there to support you. They can help with medication reminders and therapy, as well as other small things that may be difficult to do straight off the bat.

Our memory care is the most intense option there is: this is best if your loved one is suffering from intense memory loss. We have highly-trained specialists available for this. They’ll be there to help your loved one with any activity imaginable. From cooking to bathing, our professionals will be of assistance. Trust us to be the Missouri City TX senior living communities you need here in Houston, TX.


If you know or are an active senior, you’re going to want to participate in our senior community activities. We offer a range of recreational things to do that will keep your mind and your body well engaged.

Physical Health

We have plenty of ways for you to keep up with your physical health.

There are plenty of activities lined up for you to participate in. These vary throughout the day, as well as the month. If you want to participate, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping up with our agenda. We offer pretty much anything under the sun; one example is dance classes. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting your cardio every once in a while, and this is a great way to do it. Another favorite outdoor activity is gardening. This tends to be super popular, and it’s just as preferred by our staff members.

If you’d rather not use too much energy, you can always sit outside and energy our lovely courtyard. This area is just as nice for relaxing as it is our physical classes. Take your time to relax and simply enjoy the sounds of nature on a sunny evening.

As you know, regular exercise has a lot of benefits. It’s great for keeping your immune system in check, and compliments your nutritional diet you get here at The Village. You’ll also get the chance to connect with others in our independent living communities that enjoy these activities just as much as you do.

Missouri City Texas senior living communities

Missouri City Texas senior living communities

Nutrition & Diet

The way you eat is pretty important to the wellbeing of anyone, regardless of your age. Our community offers dietary options that are suitable for helping you keep up with your health.

Our food is freshly prepared by the best chefs around. The meals we put together always feature items from different food groups. That way, you’re consistently getting the nutrients you need.

We make sure to take food allergens into consideration, of course. Again, this is one of those things that can affect anybody’s health at any point in time. We couldn’t possibly ignore these needs. If you or someone you love does have food allergies, let us know as soon as possible. Our chefs will make sure to prepare something that’s suitable for them. If it’s a bit more difficult to avoid, you don’t have to worry. We’ll go to whatever measures necessary to make sure no one is at risk. We’re more than happy to create put together a unique food plan that guarantees they won’t run into this food item.

Mental Wellbeing

Taking care of someone doesn’t just mean you deal with their physical health. Mental wellbeing is a part of this care, too. We offer a number of services that cater to this. For starters, physical activity and socializing naturally put you in a better mental state.

We enhance this aspect with plenty of other activities, as well: we offer bingo, painting, arts and crafts, etc. to get your creativity going. The Village also has a library with a large selection of the best literature. You can grab a book at any time and indulge in a new world.

Other than actual activities, we’re proud to say that we’re a senior housing establishment that allows certain pets to come along with you. We know how important it is to have your best friend around. Animals are highly therapeutic and a great way of relieving anxiety and stress. If you have a pet you’d like to bring along with you, make sure you run it by one of our staff first.


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If you’re looking for Missouri City Texas senior living communities, then look into making the village at Sugarland your loved one’s home!

Why should you trust us to take care of you or the person you love? Simply put, we’re the best assisted living community in Houston. Our team of professional and amiable staff will always make sure to provide the best care.

If you’re ready to join our community, all you have to do is call. Get in touch with someone from one of the best Missouri City TX senior living communities by calling (281) 729 8800 today.

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