Missouri City TX Retirement Facility

Are you searching for Missouri City TX Retirement Facility that you can trust? Let The Village at Sugar Land exceed your expectations of what a retirement community can be!

Missouri City TX Retirement Facility

Dine-in luxury at The Village at Sugar Land!

The task of finding senior living communities can be overwhelming especially if you need a home that offers living and memory care. We want to make it easy for you. Due to the fact that we offer so many options for living, it’s our promise you will find a place you want to call home with The Village At Sugarland. So if you’re looking for the most excellent level of care that a Missouri City TX Retirement Facility can offer, don’t hesitate to call us today!

We Go Beyond Other Retirement Communities in Missouri City

At The Village at Sugar Land, we do everything we can to make our assisted living community feel like home. We know how difficult it can be to take on the various challenges and symptoms your loved one may be facing. For that reason, we take the responsibility of caring for your loved ones very seriously. Our team is only made up of registered nurses and care attendants that have a passion for assisting our residents.

What We Have to Offer

We are much more than just a nursing home. We specialize in assisting our residents with whatever needs they could have. When your loved ones begin to show symptoms, you may begin to worry. They may need more help but won’t ask for it. It’s understandable because no one wants to feel like a burden, and at The Village at Sugar Land, they never will.

Our highly recognized, assisted living facilities provide more than just expert treatment, care, and safety. We can also provide you with peace of mind. Our assisted living community is enjoyable and luxurious with ample activities like cooking, hobbies, crafts, exercise, and so much more. Other communities that offer activities only have a few that are often repeated. Instead, we are constantly changing and improving the activities and hobbies we offer to keep your loved one interested and happy.

Assisted Living Plus

Unlike our assisted living option, assisted living plus focuses on our long-term residents. The services provided through assisted living plus are more intensive and focus on personal home care. At the basis of all the care we provide is companionship. Our passionate and dedicated nurses can help your loved one recover from an illness or procedure. It’s one of our top priorities to comfort them in any way we can. You can rest assured that they’ll have a nurse and a friend assisting them with every step of their recovery.

Missouri City TX Retirement Facility

Missouri City TX Retirement Facility

Our registered nurses are there for everything. Their expertise ranges from physical therapy to medications. Our assisted living plus residents have access to everything they need and more. Including libraries, work out rooms, gardens, a golf course, elegant dining rooms, and much more.

Short term Care

Another option we offer is respite care for those who are the primary caregivers. With respite care, you can handle urgent business and know that your loved one is completely taken care of in your absence. Our team of nurses eagerly takes on the responsibility to care for them.

We understand that your loved one may not be in the best condition for travel and may need to stay home. If you don’t have anyone to attend to them and want to make sure they’re in the safest care, our short-term option is perfect for you.

Post-Surgical Care

After surgery, your loved one may need assistance with the procedure, especially if they live alone. That’s where we come to help. Our care facility offers more assistance after a procedure called post-surgical care. This care ensures they will have access to all the resources they need to recover effortlessly.

Don’t worry! They will also be having plenty of fun through the recreational activities we offer for recovery. These activities are sure to get a smile on their face. We offer exercise, games, crafts, and of course, group activities. The last thing we do is isolate your recovering loved one at our Missouri City TX Retirement Facility!

Assisted Living and Memory Care

Our memory care is designed to provide around-the-clock care to those suffering from memory loss or dementia. Through normal aging, occasional forgetfulness can occur, but it doesn’t lead to severe memory loss. A disease like dementia often causes memory loss to a severe degree.

Dementia can be the cause of a wide variety of diseases that affect the persons’ ability to complete day to day tasks. The most common form of dementia shows itself through the forgetting of daily tasks. It often starts with minor symptoms and slowly worsens. Another condition that affects memory is Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is often more severe and causes changes in behavior as well. If your loved one manages with any of these symptoms, it could make living independently harder, even dangerous.

Missouri City TX Retirement Facility

The Village at Sugar Land provides senior care and personal care.

The Village At Sugar Land memory care unit professionals are equipped and experienced to care for your loved one. They will have access to 24-hour care from our licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses. We have the latest technology and available treatments to help you and your loved one live a more fulling life.

The Village at Sugar Land is Waiting for You!

Out of all the living communities in Missouri, TX, The Village at Sugar Land is the most accommodating. We are dedicated to excellence and show it through our multitude of assisted care options and expert staff. We are conveniently located close to Houston, TX, making us assessable to all surrounding towns and suburbs. If you want the closest thing to perfection, then Missouri City TX Retirement Facility is just a call or visit away!


Fun facts Missouri City, TX

  • Missouri City is the hometown to Miss Texas, USA, and Miss US, Crystle Stewart.
  • Nicknamed the “Show me” city for its rapid success over the past 61 years.
  • Houston, Texas, is a short 14-mile drive from Missouri city, making it a popular suburb.
  • If you want to learn more about this fascinating city, visit us here.