Missouri City TX memory care near me

The Village at Sugarland offers your loved ones the best Missouri City TX memory care near me. Our state-of-the-art facility enables us to care for patients of all dependency levels, including those with arthritis and dementia.

If you’d like to schedule a tour, then give us a call today. Once you see what our memory care facilities have to offer, you’ll realize there’s no better choice for the care of your loved ones.

When to consider a memory care community

Missouri City TX memory care near me

Missouri City TX memory care near me

Many conditions can leave your loved ones with severe memory loss—the most common of which being dementia. There are many strains of dementia that can cause other unfortunate side effects. Aggression, lack of independence, and neglect of daily tasks are just some of these side effects.

If you have noticed these changes in your loved ones, you may want to consider moving them to an assisted living community. Although you may want to care for them on your own, there comes a point where that level of care is too much for you alone. Let us help.1

Our staff has been providing the best care to our memory care residents for years. We have a team of staff available 24/7, so you can trust that your loved ones are in good hands.

Many signs point to your loved ones needing assistance. If any of the following sound familiar, don’t hesitate to contact The Village at Sugar Land to learn how we can help.

Personal Hygiene

If you’ve noticed a family member has recently become less aware of their appearance, this could be a sign they require assistance. As people age, they can become scared of getting in and out of baths and showers due to slipping hazards. However, in dementia patients, it could merely be a case of forgetfulness.

Wearing the same clothes and falling behind on laundry can also be signs they forget to complete basic daily tasks. If this is something you’ve noticed, you should consider a senior living community. Our staff is here to assists with these daily tasks such as bathing and eating. We provide individualized care to each resident, depending on their specific needs and requirements.

Care Providers

Many people hire private care providers for their loved ones who help them daily around the home. However, depending on their dependency level, this may be too much work for one person.

If you’ve noticed a loved one’s care provider becoming more exhausted and strained, you need to check out The Village at Sugar Land. We have a team of registered nurses available around the clock to provide the care your loved ones need and deserve.

Frequent Medical Attention

If a loved one’s medical condition warrants frequent trips to the doctor, this could be putting a strain on both you and them. Their best option would be a senior care facility where they can be watched around the clock without the hassle of weekly trips to a medical institute.

Our state of the art technology allows us to monitor our residents even when we leave the room. You can trust that, in our care, you’re loved ones will be well looked after.

Choose The Village at Sugar Land when you need memory care in Missouri City

Richmond Texas Senior Living

When you want the best Richmond Texas Senior Living, then choose The Village at Sugarland for all of your needs.

Our living facilities consist of three options; assisted living plus, assisted living, and memory care. Our memory care unit is specifically for the care of our memory loss and dementia residents.

Our staff is always there to assist with anything our residents need. However, due to the circumstances surrounding our memory care patients, we ensure our staff pay extra attention and are there around the clock so that we can be prepared for anything.

What sets us apart from any other assisted living facility is our ‘CarePredict Technology.’ This AI system provides the family members of our residents with some pace of mind. Whenever you feel like checking in but can’t find the time to visit, you can turn to the CarePredict system.

It allows you to monitor your loved ones’ sleeping and eating habits and see what they’re up to during the day. It also features fall detection software as well as a two-way radio, so you can trust that we’re always keeping an eye on your loved ones.

The floor plans available in our memory care unit include private and semi-private suites. Each room has been carefully designed to accommodate our residents and provide maximum comfort. This is just one reason why we’re the best choice for Missouri City TX memory care near me.

The wide hallways allow us to assist our residents while walking, and stairs are nowhere in sight to prevent any hazards. Our spacious bathrooms enable us to help with the bathing of our residents.

What The Village at Sugar Land has to offer:

Every meal we serve is prepared fresh daily and consists of a balanced, nutritious diet. Our chefs are here to offer specialized meal plans to those whose medical conditions require it. We also cater to residents who have any dietary requirements or restrictions.

Our outdoor area provides a safe space for your loved ones to enjoy the fresh air. The gardens are equipped with walking paths, courtyards, and water features, providing a stunning view to our residents and visitors.

Richmond Texas Assisted Living Homes Near Me

Richmond Texas Assisted Living Homes Near Me has the best food options that will meet your needs.

Visiting hours are open during lunch and dinner times so that you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. We encourage frequent visits and offer a number of recreational activities for you to enjoy together.

Movies, board games, and painting are just some of the ways you can spend the day with your family.

We offer other activities to our residents, including gardening, arts & crafts, bingo, exercise classes, and dance classes. For those who require it, our staff can participate in the activities to assist when needed. If you have any questions regarding our services, give us a call today.

The number one choice for Missouri City TX memory care near me

You won’t find a care facility more dedicated to the happiness and well-being of its residents. If you’d like to tour our facilities, please call us at (281)-729-8800. Make sure to check out our locations and living options to discover why we’re the number one choice for Missouri City TX memory care near me.

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