Missouri City TX CCRC

Are you on the lookout for Missouri City TX CCRC, a continued care retirement community? Well, Missouri city is the proud home to one of The Village at Sugar Land, LLC facilities; A home not more than 20 miles away from downtown Houston.

As you search for a continued care retirement community, you want to choose a home that is perfect for you or your loved one. You want to find the best, and that is what we are, the best.

The Village at Sugar Land, LLC in Missouri City

Missouri City TX CCRC

Enjoy each day with people who love you at Missouri City TX CCRC.

Our location in Missouri City offers a home away from home. We strive for comfort and the best senior care there is to offer. Houston, TX is home to many nursing homes and retirement communities, which is why we must stand out with the quality of care we provide. Our facility in Missouri City prioritizes the care of our residents, just like all of our other locations.

Missouri City Facility

The search for “Missouri City TX CCRC” should not be difficult, especially when we offer a great community. Our community brings you a sense of comfort and happiness, all while maintaining your chosen routine. You will not find another place that offers such exceptional residential care here in Houston, Texas, as we do.

Our facility offers our resident’s a pick from six different floorplans. For those more independent individuals, we have options like a studio or studio deluxe or even a one-bedroom unit.  We also offer choices between private rooms, shared rooms, and two-bedroom units. Here at our Missouri City location from The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, you will get to choose what best suits you or your loved one.

With our dining facility, the residents can be in a friendly atmosphere in which they can meet new people. While the residents focus on meeting new people and enjoy their stay, we focus on their health. How might you ask? Easy, by ensuring they receive healthy balanced meals every day.

Those balanced meals are not only healthy but thanks to our chefs, they are also tasty. The chefs focus on bringing a delicious combination of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy. With all the meals catered to each of the resident’s healthy body is prioritized.

We must assure the residents that they are still independent individuals. We are not attempting to manage their lives, but instead, make it safe enough for them to govern themselves. 

The Safest Continued Care Guaranteed

Missouri City TX CCRC

The Missouri City TX CCRC services at The Village are second to none!

Another critical component you should focus on when you search “Missouri City TX CCRC” is how safe it is for the residents. Luckily, through our state-of-the-art technology, we are better equipped to monitor and ensure the safety of our residents. We offer a space in which our residents can feel comfortable enough to make friends; to get to know their neighbors. Our residents will be able to enjoy their free time stress-free within our community.

Our focus is to create an environment that is calm to reduce the residents’ stress. We assist in helping make you and your loved one’s life easier. It could be something as simple a helping them get from one place to another or something more personal where all they need is someone to talk to.

Usually, when you think of a retirement home, your mind goes to a nursing home with meager standards, that’s how they are portrayed in the media; So, we push to change that perspective. Through our three levels of care, we push to cater to the resident. Our top priority is ensuring their comfort and happiness and health care needed.

Missouri City TX CCRC Levels of Care

Missouri City TX CCRC

Are you looking for Missouri City TX CCRC? If so, contact the village at sugar land today!

Our first level of care will be assisted living, which is for the independent. We all age, and as we get older, we require a bit of assistance, but we can still manage to perform our daily tasks, for that we have this level of care. Assisted living provides the ability to venture out by offering transportation. If the resident does not need to travel, then you have the outdoor courtyards and gardens to explore.

The second level of care offers a bit more assistance, assisted living plus. We created this level of care to help both you and your loved one. With the extra aid, you will be able to focus on work and your family while having peace of mind knowing your loved one is being taken care of.

These care services are perfect for you if you find it difficult to stretch out that time and give your loved one the care they deserve. Assisted living plus also brings a great help with the 24-hour assistance offered by our trained staff, for those who need post-surgical support. Also, these living services provide respite care for the resident, who requires a bit more rest.

Our final and most efficient level of care is the memory care unit. We designed this unit for the safety of the residents who suffer from severe memory loss. Our trained professionals are prepared to give that additional support, whether it is a chronic disease or a result of an accident. Our communities offer the best support your loved one could ask for.

The Best of Missouri City TX CCRC Near Me?

We are a community committed and dedicated to the happiness and safety of our residents. It’s time to pick up that phone and call us at 281/729-8800 for any further questions or to book that visit. The moment you walk into our facility, you will know you’ve walked into a community.  Join us at The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, our Missouri City location, and you will finally stop the search for “Missouri City TX CCRC near me” and be a part of the communities in Missouri City!

Missouri City, Texas Fun Facts

  • Missouri City is located only minutes away from downtown Houston.
  • It is the home to twenty parks that total about 393 acres of land.
  • Missouri City has a population of about 67,358.
  • For more information, visit here.