Missouri City Texas Assisted Living Facilities Near Me

If you’re looking for Missouri City Texas Assisted Living Facilities Near Me, you should check out the exceptional facilities at The Village at Sugar Land. Our senior living community provides excellent amenities aimed at keeping residents active and comfortable. Overall, we aim to offer levels of care that allow seniors to live independently.

Missouri City Texas Assisted Living Facilities Near Me

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Home care or nursing homes aren’t always the most viable options. The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, works to provide the right kind of services to make seniors feel as comfortable and joyful as possible while they stay with us. While there are many assisted living communities, they cannot compare to the dedication and commitment that our staff has towards providing high-quality senior care.

Our full-service team of staff and nurses works to assist residents in any way required. In fact, our memory care unit offers 24/7 assistance from our staff and nurses, so your loved one will be in great hands. Furthermore, we provide services to non-residences when the most viable option isn’t home care.

We’re fully confident that you’ll find the right type of services for your senior at The Village at Sugar Land, LLC. By choosing us, your loved one will become part of a loving community that’s full of life and freedom. Our assisted living and memory medical care services are great for making residents live comfortably and independently. Overall, we aim to provide a community that offers numerous amenities, and that gives residents a real sense of freedom.

Assisted Living Options

The Village at Sugar Land has various options in regard to the apartments and levels of care we provide. Prospective residents will find that our choices are very beneficial in several forms. Senior housing is usually limited in options, but we aim to provide premium senior care.

Located in Sugar Land, our assisted living and memory care community is excellent for residents in Greater Houston and the surrounding areas. Although the idea of assisted living may come with a bit of a negative connotation to some, our great facilities and services will make seniors enjoy their stay with us every single day.

Best in Texas Elderly Assisted Living Facilities Near Me Missouri City

Happy senior couple moving into new home and unpacking boxes

We’re proud to provide six different kinds of apartment units to prospective residents. We design each one of our apartments to provide maximum comfort and truly welcoming environments. As a matter of fact, some of our apartment units open up directly to an enclosed courtyard. Furthermore, the apartments all come with their own individual heating and cooling systems. Here are some of the floor plans we provide to residents:

  • One-bedroom
  • One-bedroom deluxe
  • Two-bedroom
  • Studio
  • Studio deluxe

If you want to view the layout of our floor plans, you can check them out on our website. Once you choose a floor plan you’re happy with; you’ll then want to choose the level of care that meets your needs. The level of care you choose will depend on the state and health of the prospective resident.

Assisted Living Levels of Care

  • First Level: The first level of care offers residents a primarily independent lifestyle while providing assistance in some daily activities.
  • Second Level: Our second level of assisted living care provides more support in terms of daily activities, although the support is kept at a moderate level.
  • Level Three: Finally, level three of our assisted living care provides more support in most of the resident’s daily activities.

Overall, these levels of care fit a wide range of needs and help residents live comfortably throughout their time at The Village at Sugar Land, LLC.

Advanced Options

Although our assisted living options are the primary type of care we provide, we also provide more advanced options to those residents who need it. The first of these two options are referred to as assisted living plus. The assisted living plus option is great for serving as a solution to a number of situations. The second advanced option is our memory care unit. This option is great as it provides an assistant to elderly residents suffering from memory problems. Some examples of memory loss conditions include Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Assisted Living Plus

Our Assisted Living Plus options are great for three scenarios, specifically:

  • Post-Surgical: Seniors who are recovering from a surgical procedure may find that our facilities and services are better when it comes to treatment than their own homes. We provide therapy and thorough nursing care for those to wish to use our services. Current residents are also eligible to receive this service.
  • Respite Care: For those primary caregivers who are in need of a break from caring for their loved ones, we provide respite care services that are excellent solutions to these problems. We understand how difficult it can be to care for a loved one and deal with your own life at the same time. The Village at Sugar Land is great for giving you a much-needed break so you can focus on things you have to take care of. These services are great as they give caregivers time for themselves.
  • Aging in Place: In some instances, our regular assisted living plans don’t offer the required services our residents need. In these instances, residents can turn to our Assisted Living Plus options. By doing so, they’ll be able to continue in their use of our amenities while still being able to benefit from our wellness and fitness activities tailored to their particular needs.

Memory Care

If your loved one is suffering from a form of memory loss condition such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s, we have the right type of service for you. With our vast number of fun and enjoyable activities, residents will stay active throughout the day, which can help relieve stress and agitation. Additionally, our memory care unit has 24/7 nursing support, so your loved one will have professional supervision all day.

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Finding the right type of senior living community can be harder than you think. We understand that you’ll do what is best for your loved one, and we’ll provide the services and facilities to help you achieve that goal. Contact The Village at Sugar Land today by calling (281) 729-8800 to learn more about our services that will help you stop searching for Missouri City Texas Assisted Living Facilities Near Me.

Missouri City Fun Facts

  • Missouri City spans across two counties
  • At one point, a railway connected Missouri City to Los Angeles
  • Missouri City operated Texas’ first railroad
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