Missouri City TX Assisted Living Near Me

If you or a loved one needs Missouri City TX assisted living near me, The Village is perfect for you. Our staff members and highly trained registered nurses will offer optimum personal care during your stay. Whether you need residential care or memory care, there are plenty of ways we can help.

Moving away from your family and into a nursing home can be extremely daunting. You’re soon to be exposed to a new environment, new people, and new things. Although this is not the most popular notion, we think this is something that should be seen in a more positive light.

You’re temporarily moving away from your loved ones, but you now have the opportunity to meet new people that can influence your life in different ways.

Our staff and the rest of the assisted living community are friendly, amiable, and more than excited to welcome you.

Assisted Living Homes Near Me in Missouri City TX

Empower your loved one to have a happy and healthy retirement!

Our Assisted Living Services

Getting older can be somewhat difficult to handle, but this is where your team at The Village comes in. Regardless of the level of care you want, we have endless residential care and living options available. Our staff will gladly help you as little or as much as you want them to.

Some people will need a lot of assistance throughout the day. If you fall under this category, don’t worry. This is completely normal, and you should know that our staff is more than happy to help you with your daily functions. This includes providing your medication at certain times or simply helping you get around.

If you’re somewhat the opposite, that’s no problem. We pride ourselves on listening to our visitors so we can accommodate their needs. Unless it’s a medical concern, you’ll never be forced into treatment that you don’t want. You’re still fully in control of yourself and your needs: all you have to do is let us know what you do and don’t need.

One of the biggest things that make up the senior care community here at The Village is our recreational activities. These are fun and engaging moments that will help you connect to others and form new friendships. Moreover, you get the opportunity to treat your body and your mind for a little time each day.

Health and Wellness

We have plenty of activities that engage your body and mind during your time here. Feel free to enjoy yourself and pass the time at the Missouri City TX assisted living near me.

Physical Health

There is a range of things to do in this senior living community in terms of your physical health.

You can relax in our outdoor courtyards on a sunny day, for example. There’s nothing better than spending time out in nature.

This can be just as good for your mind as it can for your body: don’t be afraid to soak up a few rays of sunshine when it’s pleasant. We also hold exercise classes in these areas if you’re ever up for it.

There are also other activities lined up throughout the day to keep you engaged with the people around you if you’d like. You’re always welcome to join in on a game of bingo or a nice movie.

The type of activity we do is normally scheduled out way ahead of time, even in accordance with the weather. Be sure to check our calendars to see what we have lined up.

The Village also offers other random activities, such as dancing, painting, gardening, etc. No matter what you’re interested in, you’re sure to find something with us.

Nutritional Diets

Missouri City Texas assisted living near me

Missouri City, Texas, assisted living near me

If you’re not eating right, all the exercise you do can go to waste.

This is why we provide healthy food options throughout the day. The food we serve is always fresh and coupled with items from other food groups. We keep certain dining areas open for those that suffer from certain medical conditions.

It can be difficult to acknowledge, but those suffering from dementia may need special attention in this area. People oftentimes forget when and if they eat.

We don’t want to stop anyone from accessing food when they need it, so we make sure to keep some food options available at all times.

We also make sure to take nutritional allergens into consideration; allergic reactions could severely impact anyone, let alone someone who’s older in age.

To keep everyone safe, we alert our chefs of any potential dangers. If this is still too risky, don’t worry; we can create specific diet plans and have something specially made for you.

Mental Wellbeing

We can’t forget to treat our minds as well as we treat our bodies.

The Village has a variety of options to keep you in the best mental space possible. For starters, regular exercise and socializing with others is already healthy for the mind. We also offer libraries so you can indulge in the literature of your choice.

If you’re looking to spend time with your best friend that isn’t quite human, you can still do so. We’re one of the assisted living facilities in Missouri City and the surrounding area that permits pets of certain kinds. Get in touch with one of our team members to discuss which pet you’re bringing to ensure it follows our guidelines.

As someone gets older, they’ll have to get used to their mind and body changing in ways that are unfamiliar. Make sure you or the person you care about is keeping themselves as physically and cognitively healthy as they can.

Choose the village at Sugarland if you want the best Missouri City Texas assisted living near me

Choose the village at Sugarland if you want the best Missouri City Texas assisted living near me.

Missouri City TX Assisted Living Near Me

The Village is the best-assisted care facility in the area of Houston, Texas, thanks to our genuine team members. Our staff cares for anyone and everyone, no matter what. We’re more than happy to help with anything from medicine reminders to bathing assistance.

No matter your or your loved one’s needs, you have to be with someone that cares. Call (281) 729 8800 to learn more about the Missouri City TX assisted living near me today.

Missouri City, TX Fun Facts:

  • The first operating railroad in the state is in this town.
  • Missouri City was the ideal commuter town.
  • The historical park in Missouri City has the well-renowned Freedom Tree.
  • Learn more about Missouri City!