Missouri City TX Assisted Living Cost

If you have been searching for Missouri City TX assisted living cost, then call The Village at Sugar Land! We’re one of the best-assisted living communities at affordable prices! Our senior care is meant to give your loved ones the optimum personal care that they deserve. Our care services are amazing.

Missouri City TX Assisted Living Cost

The Village at Sugar Land has the best food options that are catered to meet the dietary needs of our residents

Additionally, our assisted living facility is safe and full of fun activities. We have a staff of friendly and helpful nurses who can assist your loved one with many things.

For example, we can help them with their medication, eating, and bathing. We make sure they always feel right at home in our spacious floor plans.

Don’t hesitate! You can give us a call today at (281)-729-8800 and schedule a free tour! When you search for Missouri City TX assisted living cost, you will find that we’re one of the best choices around.

Missouri City TX assisted living cost

Contrary to popular belief, assisted living in Missouri City, TX doesn’t have to be expensive. While it’s in fact true that the average cost of an assisted living home in Houston is over $3000, we have better choices! Our floor plans start at $1400, and as a result, they are some of the most affordable options around.

Missouri City TX assisted living cost

The Village has wonderful living options that are spacious and made to meet everyone’s needs.

We provide your loved one with a unique personal care home. We offer great private and semi-private options for those who need them.

One way we stand out from other nursing homes is that we are pet-friendly! We have restrictions on pets, but you should give us a call and see if we can accommodate you. Not only that, our floor plans are very spacious.

Many of our residents require assistance with mobility. As a result, our floor plans were designed to be extra spacious to allow ease of movement.

Our bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms have all the space to get in and around safely. Furthermore, our beds are all at a height that makes it easier to get on the bed.

Besides our affordable prices, our level of care doesn’t end there. Our facility has an elegant dining hall that is full of healthy and delicious food! Many people wonder what it’s like to live in an assisted living facility.

The answer is very comfortable! Your loved one will have access to food that is beneficial to their health and tastes good.

Our specialized chefs take into consideration different food allergies and will cater to your loved one’s specific needs. We also have finger food and snacks in our Memory Care Unit for individuals who have Alzheimer’s.

Assisted Living Facility Community In Missouri City, Texas

There are many misconceptions about what assisted living is like. For example, many people believe it’s a nursing home where seniors sit around.

However, this is not true at all! Assisted living here at The Village at Sugar Land provides 24-hour assistance with a variety of needs. Some of them include household tasks such as laundry, house cleaning, and cooking.

Assisted living Missouri City Texas

When you’re looking for the best Assisted Living in Missouri City Texas, then visit The Village at Sugar Land today!

Furthermore, our nurses can assist your loved ones when it comes to preparing food, eating, bathing, and taking their prescribed medication.

Our community is perfect for those who require around the clock supervision and those who want a more independent lifestyle. To accomplish this, we provide safe and reliable transportation.

The ability to visit local restaurants and go shopping is an essential aspect for individuals who want to maintain a sense of independence.

You always make sure they are given the best and most adequate care. Not only that, we provide your loved one with many activities of daily living. These activities are enjoyable and encourage socialization.

While loneliness may be a big issue for seniors, it’s not a problem for us. To create a friendly and welcoming environment, we employ a team of talented activity directors and assistants.

Our directors plan out fun and social activities every day and every week. They include things such as dancing classes, cooking classes, trips, painting, bingo nights, and much more!

Furthermore, your loved one will have access to many facilities found within our community. We have an excellent library for them to read books and watch movies.

Our community also has immaculate workout areas where they can go and get some exercise. Regular exercise is essential in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our assisted living facility has many spacious courtyards where they can walk and get fresh air. Once you take a tour of our amazing facility, you won’t have to search for Missouri City TX assisted living costs again.

Missouri City TX assisted living cost

Many people wonder when it is time to consider an assisted living facility. If you have been noticing that your loved one has been having a hard time accomplishing tasks they could before, then please consider us. If you notice that your family member is having trouble with their memory, then we have a great living option for them.

The Village at Sugar Land has an excellent living option for individuals with Alzheimer’s. Within our Memory Care Unit, your loved one will have access to 24-hour supervision and assistance.

We always make sure they get the care they need, no matter what time of the day. Besides that, we use state-of-the-art technology to connect you to your loved one.

The Village at Sugar Land uses CarePredict Technology. This is a fantastic system that can auto-detect when your loved one has a fall. It notifies you and us, and we will spring into action.

CarePredict Technology also enables family members to track certain things their loved one is doing. For example, eating, sleeping, and how long they have been sleeping.

You can also talk to your loved one using a two-way radio that is built into the system. Because of this, you can always have peace of mind that they will be safe under our supervision. The Village at Sugar Land also has affordable floor plans for temporary guests. Our Assisted Living Plus option is helpful for primary caregivers who need to travel for a while.

Despite the fact that they are staying with us for a short while, they will have access to all of the facilities. You can always count on us to help them while you are gone taking care of things. If you were searching for Missouri City TX assisted living cost, we hope that you go with The Village at Sugar Land.

Fun Facts About Missouri City, Texas

  • Missouri City hosts a ten-day event where you can listen to music, go on rides, and watch parades!
  • The George Ranch Historical Park is a great place to take a tour and learn about the city’s history.
  • Oil was discovered here in 1919. To learn more exciting facts, please visit their official website!