Assisted Living Plus

Our assisted living plus option provides a higher level of care and is available in one-bedroom and studio floor plans. Your loved one will have access to care providers and nurses around the clock. If they’re in a state that requires consistent aid, our care attendants are on the job.

The Village at Sugar Land loves helping people. Our care is about comforting them and being there in any way we can. Not only do we help with physical needs, but they’ll have a friend who can help them every step of their recovery.

What is Assisted Living Plus?

While Assisted Living focuses on our long-term residents, Assisted Living Plus provides more intensive care to the short-term ones. These services center around companionship. This is essential for making a recovery from a procedure or illness. Our registered nurses are there for everything, from physical therapy to medication. Our Assisted Living Plus residents have access to all of our facility’s features, including:

  • Elegant dining rooms
  • Libraries
  • Workout rooms
  • Outdoor courtyards
  • Gardens
  • And much more!

We want our residents to look at this experience as a memorable one. Your family member won’t need a nursing home while in our assisted living communities. During Assisted Living Plus, your loved one will have access to amenities that maximize convenience. These amenities include transportation, housekeeping, and pets (with certain restrictions).

Respite Care

The Village at Sugar Land also provides respite care for those of you who are primary caregivers. With Assisted Living Plus, you can leave your loved one with us while you handle whatever urgent business you have. In the meantime, we’ll handle their care with our team of nurses and care attendants.

For example, if you need to take a trip or take care of other matters, but you do not have anyone to attend to your loved one, our short-term care is perfect. We understand how precious your loved one is. So it’s our pleasure to care for them during their stay.

The Right Option for Your Loved Ones

If your loved one needs aid after surgery and lives alone or independently, The Village at Sugar Land is here. Our community offers services for those who still need a little more assistance after a procedure. Our post-surgical care is convenient and ideal because it provides all of the resources they need.

We also offer fun recreational activities for them during recovery. These activities include things like exercising, games and movie nights, group activities, and arts and crafts.

We respect the needs and concerns of all our residents. When they come to our community, your loved one becomes a part of our family. That’s why we make sure to accommodate any dietary restrictions and preferences they may have.

Your loved one will feel at home in our private rooms while they enjoy our dedicated services. If you have a loved one who needs specialized attention, you cannot always give, then Assisted Living Plus is the perfect solution.

We help individuals through their symptoms, so they can enjoy their stay and return home rested. In the end, we want your loved ones to cherish the time they spend with us.

Call (281) 729 8800 for more information regarding Assisted Living Plus.