Katy TX Retirement Communities Near Me

Chance are if you’re seeking Katy TX Retirement Communities Near Me, you want the best retirement living for the active senior in your life. At The Village at Sugar Land we devote our efforts to create the best senior living community possible. Ready to give your loved one a more prosperous life?

Katy TX Retirement Communities Near Me

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The Village at Sugar Land is a family-owned business, unlike other living communities in Katy, which are apart of large corporations. Since we are a family business, we get to know each of the residents individually. We have strong values that mirror the Christian values of our founders. Our founders are a team of married registered nurses with over 30 years of experience in senior care and health care. The Village At Sugar Land team has a deep commitment to providing your loved one with high-quality care that comes from a place of passion for helping others. We urge you to keep reading to learn more about Katy TX Retirement Communities Near Me

The Committed and Faithful Team

We take the role in your loved one’s life very seriously. It is our mission to provide the most well-rounded care in any adult community. We support the seniors in our communities by directing our efforts in five different areas of their lives. The first is individual care. Since we are family-owned, we are able to build a long-lasting relationship with our residents.

We never view the senior in your life as a number but instead as the unique individual they are. We recognize the lives they have lived and treat everyone with the utmost respect. Please continue reading to learn about the different sides of care we provide to create the most well-rounded way of living.

Different Sides of Care

park retirement resort

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The second is social care. Social care is essential for a successful and fulfilling life transition into retirement life. Our residents can enjoy the numerous amenities we have to encourage the natural growth of friendships. Thirdly is physical care. There is a considerable effort to implement active adult activities because daily physical exercise improves mental and physical health.

Fourth is emotional. Nursing homes have a mixed reputation. The Village at Sugar Land wants to change that. We comprise our team of those who are qualified and have a genuine love for senior care. We are confident the senior in your life will feel loved, special, and catered to as they enter a new era in their life.

Spiritual Care

Finally, the fifth focus is on spiritual care. This builds on the emotional relationships we build with our residents. We encourage them to express themselves in a way that makes them feel whole and heard. We encourage religious groups so they can identify with others inside the retirement community. These five focuses combined create an enriching and enlivening day to day life for each special individual at The Village at Sugar Land.

The Joy of Helping Others

As mentioned before, our staff is made up of passionate and kind individuals. We make up our team of registered nurses and licensed nurses. We also have several physical therapists on call ready to assist in daily physical activities. Not to mention we require the personal care attendees are to complete our specialized training programs. These programs focus on specialized resident care and dementia care. You can rest assured that we only employ the most devoted professionals to help improve the quality of life for all the residents at The Village at Sugar Land.

Continuing Care in Katy Texas

Katy TX Retirement Communities Near Me

Katy TX Retirement Communities with onsite golf course and annual cruise ship trips. Conveniently located near the carriage inn.

We want your loved ones to enjoy this next phase of their life. Our goal is to make sure they’re enjoying life to the fullest. They can focus on relaxing and appreciating the finer things in life. The staff here take care of the cleaning, cooking, and laundry. We have plenty of activities and events happening daily, so every day is something new and exciting. Not to mention we are also changing the activities we offer, so nothing is ever stale. There are clubs to fit any type of interests they might have.

Resort Style Living

The hobbies range from book club, art classes, various niche classes, even just watching sport in our luxury viewing room with large HD big-screen TVs, of course. If any chores or errands need doing you can be sure we are there to assist your loved one. We offer help scheduling doctors’ appointments, arranging transportation for outings, shopping trips, and scheduling hair appointments. Anything that could potentially be a hassle, we cover you. Now errands can be stress-free and even fun. 

Facility Amenities and Floor Plans

 The design team at The Village At Sugar Land considers all features to achieve maximum comfort. The landscaping outside is equally as beautiful as the interior design inside. There isn’t a space that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. We maintain the outdoor areas with precision. When you visit us, you can expect lush and colorful gardens, lovely pathways, patios, and outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining in comfort, with ample sitting areas to relax and enjoy the well-groomed scenery. 

When You Come to Visit

We carefully designed the spaces at the village at sugar land to accommodate our residents and be inviting for family and friends visiting. When you visit us, you will be comfortable and pleased to find the many family-friendly spaces we offer. Some of the areas we have are game rooms, elegant dining rooms, a library, a dog park, and art rooms, just to name a few.

Katy TX Retirement Communities Near Me

We offer a park retirement resort-style living near Houston TX.

Family Friendly Katy TX Retirement Communities Near Me

The Village at Sugar Land is the perfect place for your family to visit and enjoy. We encourage frequent visits from your family and grandchildren. There are plenty of things for you to do together. We offer monthly family events, kids’ weekends packed with fun events, and of course, the game room includes an Xbox and play station for the kids! 

If you are interested in visiting us, we are always eager to give you a tour and show you what we have to offer! Please contact us if you’re looking for the best Katy TX Retirement Communities Near Me. 

  • Fun facts about Katy TX
  • Before Katy was established, it was a wide-open prairie that welcomed great herds of buffalos. 
  • The primary industry in Katy was rice farming, but peanuts and cotton were also grown. 
  • Katy was incorporated in 1945. 
  • To learn more about Katy, please visit them!