Katy TX memory care assisted living

The Village at Sugarland provides insurmountable Katy TX memory care assisted living services. So, you know your loved ones always receive the best. At The Village Sugarland, we are committed to serving those you care about the most regarding the care they deserve. With the comfort and familiarity of home, we create an environment that is both relaxing and stimulating.

We provide the most qualified nurses, a recreation that is comfortable and easy, cost-affordable prices. Memory care and assisted living is our passion. Our mission is to have the best health care for senior care and your family because when they join The Village, they become our family.

Assisted Living in Katy TX 

Katy TX memory care assisted living

Are you looking for Assisted Living Care in Katy, TX? If so, contact the village at sugar land today!

We understand that each person is unique. This is why we have custom care for each valued family member here at the Village Sugarland. We take on the challenge of making the golden years not so challenging. By having your family member be taken care of by our professional staff of registered nurses and care staff, they’ll be in good hands.

Have you noticed that family member who has been needing more assistance as they’ve grown older? Whether it’s through a medical condition or as they have grown older? We can make the transition from living at home to living with us easy and affordable.


We often find that some activities require more assistance, and we’re here to help with that. At the Village Sugarland, we provide assisted living in all categories such as:

  • Dining Room that provides nutritious and healthy meals with the comfort of home.
  • Easy transportation, so your loved one can get around and enjoy their day.
  • Libraries with entertaining and informative books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Gyms and exercise training to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Pets for emotional support and mental well being.
  • Social events such as movie nights, games, and outings.
  • Plus more!

The in-house staff here in Katy, TX, is one of the best. We ensure our round the clock assistance can provide enjoyment and happiness to your loved ones. Our community is dedicated to providing top-notch care while maintaining a sense of independence for our members.

Memory Care Assisted Living

Katy Texas memory care assisted living

With continued care, you can always know how your loved ones are doing.

As we mentioned, we take into consideration all our family member’s needs into consideration. One of the options we have available is memory care assisted living. At The Village Sugarland, we have a memory unit of special health care members and nurses who focus on those who have dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other similar diseases that affect one’s memory. Dementia is a class of diseases whose symptoms include but are not limited to forgetfulness, lack of focus, inability to complete basic tasks, changes in behavior.

Most often, these symptoms grow with time. Our trained staff is ready to handle the level of care to make it easy for your loved ones to enjoy their days without any worry.

CarePredict Technology

We use the best technology possible at our Katy TX memory care assisted living facilities, such as CarePredict Technology. This technology connects you with your loved one faster and easier than ever. This AI system can help you see what your family member is doing at any hour of any day.

You’d be able to see the healthy food we have been cooking for them, location tracking, fall detection, and a two-way radio so you can communicate with them and see how they are doing at any point of the day. You shouldn’t ever have to worry because we will ensure they are always connected to you.

Our 24-Hour Memory Care system is made of registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses who focus on routine check-ups with bathing and eating to ensure they’re happy and safe at all times. The 24-Hour Memory Unit team is here to benefit you and your family. Please reach out to us at The Village Sugarland at (281)-729-8800 for more information today.

Assisted Living Plus

In addition to our standard assisted living, we have added a new program. Assisted Living Plus is perfect for short term visitors that require around the clock assistance. This is usually for family members who are in the healing process from illness or a medical procedure. This premium plan enhances the experience for those who need aid with their medication and physical therapy. In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Work-out rooms for physical therapy.
  • Gardens full of flowers.
  • Outdoor courtyards so your loved one can take a stroll and relax outside.
  • And so much more!

We know not everyone will be a permanent resident here at The Village Sugar Land, but we still provide the same comforts and luxuries to make their stay an enjoyable one. The most important thing we provide is a safe and comfortable living space. We also include comfortable services such as transportation, routine house cleaning, and emotional support pets.

Respite Care

If you must travel for work or are constantly on the go, we got you covered too. Our respite care provides beneficial aid for everyone for short-term assisted living. Taking care of them while you take care of what you have to is our responsibility and pleasure.

Our Community

Memory care assisted living in Katy Texas

An environment that supports socializing and taking care of each other.

There is no doubt that this transition can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our assisted living quarters is proud to have a sense of community. We have daily activities. Furthermore, our members do get to socialize and engage in fun activities.

With gardens, courtyards, game nights, and movie nights, there is something to keep those you care about busy and stimulated every day. We also have regular events such as live music, dance classes, and book clubs. This is done in mind to create an environment that supports socializing and taking care of each other.


Our elegant banquet hall and dining facilities specialize in healthy food for everyone. We take into consideration individual health requirements. Our top-notch chefs routinely provide meals rich in protein, vegetables, fruits, and grains. They also cater to specific diets such as those with allergies. Or who have specific diets such as vegan and vegetarian diets. All ingredients are made with fresh produce. We provide the best quality to provide a good experience.

Katy TX memory care assisted living

Whether your loved one’s stay is short term or long term, we’re here to help. Call today to get more information at (281)-729-8800. Katy TX memory care assisted living shouldn’t be hard, so we made it easy.

Fun Facts about Katy, TX: 

  • The oak trees in Katy are not native but were planted to create more shade.
  • It’s home to the Mary Jo Peckham Park, which is enjoyable for kids and those with disabilities.
  • Has two museums, the veterans memorial museum, and the Tomball museum center.
  • More facts here.