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6 Questions To Ask When Touring An Assisted Living Community

Sleep Issues in People with Alzheimer’s

Tips to help caregivers manage sleep problems in people with Alzheimer's  Exercise is important each day, limit naps, and make sure the person gets enough rest at night. Being overly tired can increase late-afternoon and nighttime restlessness. Plan activities that use more energy early in the day. For example, try bathing in the morning...

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Touring An Assisted Living Community

6 Questions To Ask When Touring An Assisted Living Community

Are you planning to visit an Assisted Living community? Visiting a community is a great way to get the feel for the people and the environment.However, it can be difficult to know what to look for and what to ask on your visit. I'm sure you want to make the right decision. That means learning...

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Richmond TX Senior Living Community
Richmond TX Senior Living Community

6 Helpful Tips For Seniors Who Just Moved Into An Assisted Living

Moving to a new place and making new friends is never simple, regardless of your age or situation. Similarly, as you move to a new assisted living facility, you're bound to undergo an emotional rollercoaster. For the first few days, you will be feeling lost, alone, and empty. It is certainly a difficult period...

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Rosenberg TX Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Get a Move On – Simple Ways to Incorporate Exercise for Seniors

Exercise for Seniors One of the most repeated advice by any health professional is to stay active and exercise consistently.  Exercise for seniors can be a challenge due to their unique health considerations. However, physical activity can provide a wide array of benefits and longevity. Consider Edna in Arizona. In 2014, she took the internet by...

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