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Sleep Problems in People with Alzheimer’s

Here are some tips that may help caregivers manage sleep problems in people with Alzheimer’s Exercise is important each day, limit naps, and make sure the person gets enough rest at night. Being overly tired can increase late-afternoon and nighttime restlessness. Plan activities that use more energy early in the day. For example, try...

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Winter Home Safety Tips

Checklist: Prepare your Home for Upcoming Winter Season!!

Fall is a really good time to start thinking about your home maintenance as well as getting it ready for the colder weather. Here are a few items that you can do to get ready for the winter and help keep your home happy: 1. Check your home’s heating and air conditioning system Most heating and...

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Early Signs of Dementia

What to Look For: Early Signs of Dementia

What to Look For: Early Signs of Dementia Since dementia usually comes on gradually, it's easy to miss the early indicators. Plus, some types of dementia start damaging a person's brain long before any symptoms appear. For example, preclinical Alzheimer's is a stage that can last a decade or more without any obvious hint of...

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What happens as Dementia Progresses

As people approach the more advanced dementia stages, they become more like strangers to those who know and love them. Their personalities often change significantly, making their family members feel robbed and heartbroken. And they become unable to perform activities of daily living without assistance. Eventually, their minds and bodies fail entirely. During Mid-stage Dementia...

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Types of Dementia

Other Forms of Dementia

There are other forms of Dementia besides Alzheimer's. Some prominent ones are discussed below: Vascular Dementia Vascular dementia is another prevalent form of dementia. But many people with vascular dementia also have Alzheimer's disease. With medication and lifestyle changes, you can treat vascular dementia and slow down its progression. However, the damage that's already done cannot...

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Do you know which dementia stages are associated with significant personality changes? How about which types of dementia cause hallucinations? Did you know that there are other forms of dementia besides Alzheimer's disease? Here's why it's important to educate yourself about dementia: Prevention, in many cases, may be possible. And for anyone already showing symptoms,...

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Seniors Enjoying Music

How Music Therapy Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients

Music and Memory: Musical intervention provides therapeutic effects for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease because music elicits feelings and memories. Musical therapies have been demonstrated to reduce agitation, improve communication, and improve caregiver relationships in patients. Dementia is a broad word that refers to the loss of memory and cognitive ability that occurs as a...

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Activities with Grandparents

30 Fun Activities to do with Grandparents!!

Grandparents day is around the corner.This Grandparents Day, make sure to spend some time with your grandparents if you're still lucky enough to have them in your life. Chances are, they love and think about you more than you know. Life is short; appreciate them while you can.  1.Play cards. Who doesn’t like a good game...

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Healthy Lifestyle

3 Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Slow Down Alzheimers’

Did you know that you can adopt a lifestyle that might help you prevent or delay the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease? Here are three ways to adopt healthy lifestyle choices that may prevent or slow Alzheimer’s. Get regular exercise: A growing amount of research seems to indicate regular exercise might help you avoid Alzheimer’s. Talk...

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5 Steps To Staying Mentally Sharp And Preventing Alzheimer's

5 Steps To Staying Mentally Sharp And Preventing Alzheimer’s

Did you step into your kitchen and forget what you needed there? Or perhaps that perfect punchline to the joke you’re sharing with a friend suddenly eludes you. You may be wondering if these brain short-circuits are normal or if they’re something you need to worry about. Alzheimer’s disease is a feared condition that’s linked...

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