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You’ll find the best in assisted living 77479 at The Village at Sugar Land assisted living community. The Village at Sugar Land is for seniors who want to continue their independent living lifestyle but need a little help.

Keeping residents engaged physically and mentally is one of our main goals. That’s why we provide residents with a wide range of activities to keep residents mentally and physically fit.

assisted living 77479

The Village At Sugarland is committed to the health and happiness of our residents

Physical and mental activity helps reduce the risk of several medical conditions as we get older. For instance,  physical activity improves strength, balance, and quality of sleep.

It also decreases depression, lower blood pressure, and reduce the incidences of falls. Additionally, mentally stimulating activities, such as crossword puzzles or learning a new craft, can reduce cognitive decline and improve memory.

The Village at Sugar Land provides seniors with the tools they need to maintain their physical and mental abilities as they get older.

You’re Never Too Old To Learn Something New

We believe you’re never too old to learn something new. For instance, painting, sewing, calligraphy, creative writing, cooking, ceramics, playing a musical instrument, computer science, and other languages are just a few of the new skills seniors like to learn.

We Want Residents To Stay Physically Fit

Without a doubt, staying active as we age is essential in maintaining physical and mental health. That’s the main reason we provide a wide range of physical activities for our residents to participate in. These activities include dancing, Wii video games, swimming, softball, golf, tennis, gardening, tai chi, and yoga.

Staying Mentally Active

Also, staying mentally active is as important as staying physically active. Our activity directors plan daily and weekly activities to keep residents mentally engaged. We encourage residents to participate in chess, trivia, Soduko puzzles, and crossword puzzles.

Group Activities

It’s all too easy for seniors to become isolated. That’s why we provide residents with a setting that encourages them to interact with other residents. Activities such as games, movie nights, bingo, and happy hours keep residents socially engaged.

Getting Out and About

Just because you live in a senior care facility doesn’t mean you’re stuck there. Picnics, nature walks, and park visits are a few outdoor activities that appeal to our clients.  For example, our indoor activities include theater, fashion shows, seminars, art galleries, museums, concerts, zoos, movies, and sporting events.

 assisted living 77479

Healthy. delicious meals are on the menu at The Village At Sugar Land.

Nutrition is Important, Too

Of course, nutrition is just as necessary to maintain our residents’ health as physical and mental activities. Keeping a healthy diet dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, breast cancer, colon cancer, and other severe medical conditions. A healthy diet can also improve cognitive function.

Also, the chefs at the Village at Sugar Land assisted living home provide our residents with a wide selection of healthy food options. Lean meats, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and various whole grains are on the menu every day. We also prepare unique dishes to accommodate residents on a restricted diet. Not only that, nutritional finger foods and other snacks are available to residents throughout the day.

There are several dining rooms and areas available throughout our assisted living facilities.

Every Resident Has Different Needs

Even though physical and mental activity is essential to the health of our residents, it’s important to remember each resident has their particular limitations when it comes to engaging in these activities.

Of course, a resident in memory care is going to have different constraints than other residents. We strive to ensure that all our residents have access to physical and mental activities that suit their abilities.

Nevertheless, we recommend that all residents check with their doctors about the types and amounts of physical activity that are right for them.

We Want Our Residents to be Healthy and Happy

The staff at The Village of Sugar Land understands how important it is that our residents stay physically and mentally active.

Daily and weekly events help our residents stay healthy, learn new things, and make new friends. Our team of engagement directors and assistants work closely with residents to address their physical and mental needs.

Also, there are fitness rooms where residents can work out on their own. Gardens, courtyards, and walking paths provide residents with a chance to stretch their legs. All of these activities are great for several reasons, encouraging our residents to socialize and get active. The more active a senior is, the better their quality of life.

Additionally, we also host several daily and weekly events. Some of our regularly scheduled events include:

  • Book clubs
  • Live music
  • Painting classes
  • Dance classes
  • Gardening groups
  • Bingo
  • Movies
  • Exercise classes
  • Cooking classes

In conclusion, staying healthy through regular physical and mental activity helps extend the quality of life. Even nursing home residents in their 80s and 90s can benefit from staying active.

77479 assisted living

There’s no better choice when looking for the best senior care!

Best Assisted Living 77479 – Contact The Village at Sugar Land 

We know how difficult it is to find the right senior care facility for yourself or a loved one, so let us put your mind at ease.

The Village at Sugar Land provides the highest level of care and service to our residents. We have three living options available to residents: assisted living plus and memory care.

Also, our brand new facility offers several different floor plans. Our highly trained and experienced medical staff is available to provide 24-hour care. We promote an inclusive environment that encourages our residents to develop new relationships and participate in a wide variety of activities.

Our services include:

  • Assisted living 77479
  • Hospice
  • Health resort
  • Rehabilitation center
  • Home health care services
  • Aged care

The Village at Sugar Land offers premium care for residents, including a wide range of activities to keep residents active. You can visit us at 2100 Village Living Court Sugar Land, TX 77479, in Fort Bend County. To find out more about the best in assisted living 77479, contact us by phone at (281) 729-8800 or fill out the online form.

Fun Facts About Sugar Land:

  • Town Square covers 1.2 acres providing a public plaza for community-wide events and gatherings.
  • Also, Sugar Land has more than 560 acres of developed parkland.
  • The Sugar Land Town Square used the 3D projection technology used in the 2010 Olympics on New Year’s Eve 2009.
  • Additionally, Sugar Land in 2013 now boasts a population of 84,511.
  • Sugar Land was a company town for over 50 years before being incorporated in 1959, with 2,259.
  • More Sugar Land fun facts can be found here.