Assisted Living 77406

Are you looking for senior care or assisted living 77406? Then call The Village at Sugar Land! For years we have been providing comfortable and high-quality care services. Our assisted living community is perfect for those who want to find a place to call home. Additionally, we have a staff of caring and patient nurses and many fun daily activities.

Please call us at (281)-729-8800 to schedule a tour of our spectacular senior living community. Since you care deeply about your loved ones, we will always treat them like family. When you search for assisted living 77406, you will find that The Village at Sugar Land is the best around.

Our facility offers long-term residency for individuals who need help. We also provide respite care and special care for those who have Alzheimer’s.

assisted living 77406

If you’re searching for assisted living 77406, contact The Village at Sugar Land today!

Professional and Caring Staff

One way that The Village at Sugar Land tries to be the best is through our staff. We employ an in-house team of registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses.

They have years of experience helping seniors with their medication, daily activities, bathing, eating, and more. Not only that, they’re compassionate and patient with your loved ones.

Additionally, we have activity directors and assistants who plan and coordinate fun activities for your loved one to do. We aim to create a friendly and positive environment here.

Because of this, we always make sure your loved one has companionship and fun things to keep them stimulated. We host a wide array of activities. For example:

  • Bingo nights
  • Movie nights
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Cooking classes
  • and much more!

Despite what many think, nursing homes aren’t boring! We always strive to give our active adults an independent living lifestyle so they can get around and have fun. Because of this, we offer our residents safe, convenient, and reliable transportation to local restaurants and nearby stores for shopping.

Unique Dining Rooms And Food

The Village at Sugar Land offers assisted living and many great amenities. For example, we have an elegant dining hall with food that is healthy and delicious. As we age, it’s only natural that our bodies change. When this happens, we need to make changes to our diet to ensure our health is maintained.

The Village at Sugar Land has specialty chefs that can cater to the needs of our residents. All of our food is fresh and prepared with health in mind. Furthermore, we consider all the dietary needs of our residents, such as allergies and pre-existing conditions they may have. If your loved one has problems with diabetes or high blood pressure, you can count on us to give them foods that are beneficial to them.

The health of our residents is always essential. As a living and memory care home, we also have residents who have dementia and Alzheimer’s. Memory problems can cause individuals to have a hard time remembering when to eat and how much to eat. As a result, our facility has finger foods and snacks throughout certain areas of the facility to encourage healthy eating habits. Besides, our snacks are tasty and healthy.

assisted living 77406

We make sure your loved one always has healthy and delicious meals!

Memory Care Unit Home Care

As previously mentioned, The Village at Sugar Land specializes in helping those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Problems with memory can make every day significantly more challenging.

Our memory care unit is perfect for them. This living option grants your loved one consistent care 24/7. Not only does this ensure high-quality care but safety as well.

Our nurses will gladly assist your loved one with their day-to-day tasks such as eating, preparing meals, taking medication, and bathing.

However, we also have a way for you to feel connected to them at all times. We use the most advanced and state of the art technology, CarePredict Technology. This artificial intelligence system allows family members to track the habits of their loved ones.

For example, you can monitor when they eat, when they sleep (and how much they sleep), as well as track their location. CarePredict Technology offers your loved one protection because it also comes with fall detection. If your loved one experiences a fall, they will immediately be helped. Our staff is always ready to help them.

Additionally, we understand you may live far. Because of this, CarePredict Technology has a two-way radio system where you and your loved one can communicate. As one of the best assisted living facilities around, we always go the extra mile to take care of your family no matter what.

Assisted Living and Memory Care Floor Plans

If you’re looking for assisted living 77406, give The Village at Sugar Land a call. We have fantastic floor plans for residents who want to live with us, fulltime and temporarily. Our rooms and floor plans are always clean and well maintained. Your loved one won’t ever have to worry about fixing repairs, buying appliances, or anything like that.

Our spacious floor plans come with all the appliances they may need to feel right at home. They’re affordable and are also pet-friendly! We accommodate pets, but there are restrictions. Our floor plans have wide hallways, extra space around the bed, and bathrooms. Some of our floor plans come with a patio so you can go outside and relax!

These floor plans have great appliances, fast Wi-Fi, and make your loved one feel right at home. They offer privacy and comfort. Additionally, we have a two-bedroom floor plan, which is excellent for those who want to live with their significant other or a roommate. Searching for assisted living 77406 has never been easier.

Missouri City TX assisted living cost

We have affordable floor plan prices!

Affordable Living Options

The Village at Sugar Land offers living options for residents who want to live with us permanently. Our facility is great for individuals with varying levels of assistance. We can provide your loved ones a sense of independence while helping them when they need to. However, we also care for those who need around the clock care.

Furthermore, we have also offer respite care. If you’re a primary caregiver who must travel, we will gladly look after your family member! Our Assisted Living Plus option is excellent for those who need to travel or have an emergency.

We’ll make sure their stay with us is memorable and comfortable. Give us a call today at (281)-729-8800 to see how we can help your loved one. When you search for assisted living 77406, give The Village at Sugar Land a call.

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