77478 Assisted Living

If you’re currently in need of 77478 Assisted Living services, you should check out the services and excellent facilities available at The Village at Sugar Land.

Our living options, levels of care, senior care, and senior housing help residents live comfortably and joyfully. Additionally, our assisted living facilities help residents live independently while receiving exceptional home care services with 24-hour availability from our nursing staff.

We are aware of how difficult it can be to find the right type of senior living community. As such, we offer several options that provide great alternatives to moving to a nursing home.

Additionally, our residents also receive personalized care from our nurses and our dedicated staff. Overall, The Village team at Sugar Land is here to help our residents live as comfortably as possible.

77478 Assisted Living

Your loved one will make endless memories with family and friends at The Village.

Conveniently located in Sugar Land. Additionally, we are in the perfect place for residents in and around the Greater Houston Area. Moreover, our community is pet-friendly, so residents don’t have to live without their furry friends.

We’re proud to offer high-quality care for seniors needing assisted living services. The different levels of care we have are excellent for seniors looking to live their last few years in the best way possible.

The food and activities at our senior living facilities are great for keeping seniors well-fed and busy. Contact us today to learn more about the right type of care and floor plan for your loved one.

About Our 77478 Assisted Living Services

The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, is a nurse-owned and operated community, so residents can be sure that they reside in a place that genuinely cares. We offer three levels of care for our residents and also provide advanced options for specific instances.

We also want to keep residents active, and we do so with a wide range of activities. These planned activities are great for living your day with fun moments. Here at The Village at Sugar Land, residents can develop new friendships and meet community members. While you are with us, you will stay active with family dinner nights, games, and movie nights.

Our planned activities range from fun fitness programs to gardening services. Additionally, we provide fun and engaging activities and environments.

Even more, we also strive to offer quality levels of care that’ll satisfy any senior. Our friendly community, staff, and medical team are here to create a truly vibrant community. When it comes to assisted living, we are great at what we do, which is offering levels of care and a variation of floor plans.

Levels of Care

 Assisted Living 77478

Let The Village provide you with a new lease on life.

The first level of care is mostly independent, in addition to minimal assistance for their daily tasks and activities. Furthermore, our levels of care also provide medication assistance.

The second level differs from the first one in terms of offering moderate assistance with daily tasks and activities. The second level also comes with occasional intervention for certain behaviors.

Finally, the third level of support is for most daily tasks and activities with further interventions for certain behaviors. We want to ensure that all of our residents are completely taken care of.

We’ll also provide an advanced option for residents and non-residents who need more assistance in specific tasks or activities.

Assisted Living Plus

Our Assisted Living Plus is an excellent choice for several scenarios. If your loved one fits the nursing home requirements, they might benefit significantly from our Assisted Living Plus option.

Additionally, we provide 24/7 support from our nursing and a higher level of staffing. All you have to know is that your loved one will be comfortable and safe in our caring hands.

Post-surgery or respite care are other reasons for you to choose Assisted Living Plus. If you’re taking care of your loved one but need more time for other responsibilities, we can help.

This advanced option is also great for taking care of seniors in the short-term. Moreover, if you’re not comfortable with your loved one going through a post-surgery recovery at home, you should contact our friendly representatives.

Memory Care

Our memory care unit residents are often suffering from memory troubles such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other forms of memory loss. These types of memory loss conditions can become significant obstacles that a family has to overcome.

Fortunately, The Village at Sugar Land, LLC has the right team to care for these residents in our memory care unit. Three sections split up our memory care center, with each section offering varying degrees of assistance.

In our memory care units, residents can live either in a studio apartment or a semi-private apartment. We designed these areas to help residents feel as comfortable as possible, and they also open onto beautiful dining rooms. Even more, these dining rooms come with enclosed courtyards, so residents can spend time outside after eating.

The Village at Sugar Land, LLC, hosts numerous activities for residents in the memory care unit. The planned activities that residents take part in range from pet therapy to gardening.

Another great thing about these planned activities is that they help keep residents less agitated while also reducing the stress levels. Overall, residents in our memory care unit will find great comfort and peace while staying with us.

77478 Assisted Living

When you choose The Village at Sugar Land as your assisted living and memory care facility, you’re essentially betting on great staff, experienced nurses, in addition to a consistent and rigorous commitment to excellence.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how we can help you. You can reach us by calling (281) 729-8800 or visiting us online to learn more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you and g providing you with great assisted living services.

With our services, you’ll have the best solution to your 77478 Assisted Living needs. Sugar Land Fun Facts

  • Home to more than 560 acres of developed parkland
  • Located in Fort Bend County
  • Sugar Land was the first community to be named a Community of Respect in the nation
  • Learn more about Sugar Land here