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30 Fun Activities to do with Grandparents!!

30 Fun Activities to do with Grandparents!!

30 Fun Activities To Do With Grandparents In The Vilage At Sugar Land.

Grandparents day is around the corner.This Grandparents Day, make sure to spend some time with your grandparents if you’re still lucky enough to have them in your life. Chances are, they love and think about you more than you know. Life is short; appreciate them while you can.

1.Play cards.

Who doesn’t like a good game of cards? Card games like UNO, Old Maid or Go Fish are great for any age!

2.Solve crosswords, puzzles or riddles.

Puzzles are great because they challenge the mind and involve teamwork from both parties.

3.Interview each other! Take notes or record it with your smartphone.

Give your child something to look back on by having them interview Grandma or Grandpa! Who knows, you may find out something new yourself.

4.Draw a family tree, and discuss its branches.

Most families are a lot bigger than we tend to perceive. Have your child sit with their grandparents and go over a little family history.

5.Share old photos and talk about the stories behind them.

Each photo is worth a thousand words, but oftentimes we don’t know the real story behind the photos we see.

6.Go on a walk.

Depending on the location and their health condition, you may be able to send your child on a quick walk with Grandma or Grandpa to do a little sightseeing.

7.Have a tea party.

Putting on a big fancy hat and doing a little acting is a great way to escape reality and have a little fun.

8.Take turns reading a book.

Whether it’s a bedtime story or a chapter of a favorite book, reading is a great way to instill the importance of reading.

9.Draw pictures of one another.

Who knew Grandma or Grandpa was an artist? Drawings are a great keepsake for both the grandchild and grandparent.

10.Watch a movie together.

Movies are a great way to pass time and relax! Pick a favorite movie to share and enjoy a healthy snack.

11.Have breakfast or dinner together.

Getting out of the house and going to dinner is a great way for any grandparent to show off their most prized possession.

12.Bake cookies.

Sharing the secret cookie recipe is a great way to bond and have a little fun in the kitchen.

13.Sing karaoke and dance!

Want to see Grandma and Grandpa dance? Ask them their favorite song growing up and throw it on for a little dance party.

14.Color or paint picture frames.

Create something that will always have a special place in your child’s heart by having them decorate a picture frame with Grandma and Grandpa.

15.Play a game on a smartphone or tablet.

Having your child show Grandma or Grandpa how to play their favorite game on their smartphone or tablet will be right up your child’s alley.

16.Make a holiday decoration

With a holiday in every season, kids and grandparents can get crafty making a holiday decoration. Carve pumpkins, make ornaments, or paint something patriotic for the summertime.

17 Make ice cream sundaes

Ice cream sundaes are even more delicious when mom and dad aren’t around. Grandparents and kids can choose their favorite flavors and toppings and have a sweet blast. For an extra treat, use ice cream you make together or create an ice cream sundae dessert board.

18. Play board games

Board games are a fun and easy way to pass the time, especially on a cold or rainy day. The best part is you likely already have a few on hand; but if you need some new games, we’ve got suggestions for the best board games for all ages.

19. Color together

There’s something timeless and soothing about sitting down to color. With a new pack of crayons and coloring books (or printed out coloring pages), kids and grandparents can spend some restful and creative time together

20.Gift Making

This a great opportunity to make something special for their parents—perhaps a birthday gift or something for a holiday.

21. Do a puzzle

Puzzles are great for kids and grandparents alike. They get the mind moving and can be done regardless of age or physical activity level. 

22.Teach each other a hobby 

Grandparents likely have hobbies that their grandkids have never even heard of—but kids also have hobbies that are a mystery to their grandparents! Have kids give knitting a try and maybe grandpa gets in on a game of Mario Kart. Someone may pick up a new and unexpected hobby.

23. Build with Legos

Legos are an awesome way to spend some quality time together. They encourage problem-solving, reading, and teamwork. The whole family will be proud of creations built together. 

24. Plant flowers

Gardening is a fun and low-impact activity for grandchildren and grandparents to do outside. Whether planting flowers in a garden or in pots, this is a great one-off or regular activity they can enjoy together.

25. Play hide-and-seek

Hide-and-seek is an awesome game to play both indoors and outdoors. Get the grandparents in on the fun and there’s sure to be a lot of giggles.

26. Paint rocks

Painting rocks is a fun way to get creative with nature. Grandparents and kids go on the hunt for the perfect rocks and paint them for the garden or front yard. These are adorable mementos of time spent together.

27. Make a birdhouse

Birdhouse kits or even a do-it-yourself birdhouse are pretty easy to make. With a few simple pieces of wood, wood glue, and birdseed, grandkids can make an awesome birdhouse to hang in the tree at their house or at grandma and grandpa’s house.

28. Play with bubbles

Who doesn’t love good old-fashioned bubbles? Set up the grandparents and kids with fresh bubbles and they’ll enjoy some great outdoor time trying to catch or pop them all. Try this in the winter months, too—frozen bubbles are amazing!

29. Take a class together

Taking a class with grandma or grandpa is a really special experience. They can try painting, cooking, pottery, art, music, or a movement class.

30. Go out to eat

A meal out is an even more special occasion when it’s with grandparents. Whether it’s a quick bite or a dressed-up occasion, everyone will love the memories made while dining out together.

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