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Benefits of Pets in Assisted Living Communities

Benefits of Pets in Assisted Living Communities

Benefits of Pets in Assisted Living Communities

The Village at Sugar Land is a pet-friendly community for a good reason. In general, pets improve the quality of our lives. When it comes to senior living, the quality of life is further enhanced. Pets do more than just make us smile. Years of research and studies have found pets make us healthier.

Your loved one may already have a pet before moving into our assisted living community. In that case, your loved one will most likely want their companion with them. The Village at Sugar Land happily allows pets into the community with certain restrictions. You can also consider a pet for your loved one after they have moved in. Regardless, the benefits are significant.

Lowers the Risk of Depression

Isolation and loneliness increase the risk of depression. Your loved one will be far from isolated within our community. The added presence of a pet will even add to your loved one’s wellbeing. Often, new residents feel lonely within assisted living communities. This is normal as they slowly adjust to their surroundings and fellow neighbors. A pet would significantly improve their state of mind as they would not feel as alone starting. Pets are known to add a sense of community and partnership that is vital for senior living.


Pets make it easy for others to start a conversation with your loved one. They can simply ask about their name, age, or say how adorable your pet is. Your loved one can then begin to socialize with others within the community. In addition, some pets may want to go on walks, which helps your loved one get out of their room and stay physically active.

Prevents Heart Disease

Pets are known to help calm our nerves, relieve stress, and lower blood pressure. With that said, pets can reduce the risk of heart disease within seniors. Dogs are often used as emotional support animals because they help calm people in stressful environments or situations. If pets can perform the same job as medication, then why not have a pet?

Mental Stimulation

The responsibilities of caring for a pet provides the mental stimulation your loved one needs. Having to care for a pet such as taking them on walks, feeding them, playing with them, and training them help stave off early signs of dementia. Structure and purpose are also added to your loved one’s life when a pet is involved.

As you can see, pets in assisted living are beneficial for your loved one’s health. Of course, the benefits listed above are only a small sample. The Village at Sugar Land is happy to offer residents the chance to have a pet. Contact our office at 

(832) 944-8111 to ask us about our pet policy.